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Featured image: ITONICS Announces AI Expert Christian Mühlroth As New CEO

ITONICS Announces AI Expert Christian Mühlroth As New CEO

It is with excitement that we announce a change in ITONICS’ top management. Alongside founder and visionary Dr. Michael Durst, AI expert Dr. Christian Mühlroth will now head the company's business as its new CEO. The dual leadership will continue to focus even stronger on empowering organizations around the globe to innovate and grow.

We see a bright future for ITONICS. With this move, we are pushing our clients' innovation value chain to the next level, leveraging cutting-edge AI and machine learning expertise at scale.

- Dr. Michael Durst, Founder, ITONICS


Mike continues to focus on the company's creative vision by scaling growth, internationalization, and the expansion of the marketing and analyst functions in the future. In his new role as CEO, Chris will lead the operational business and, through his long-term experience at ITONICS and deep market expertise, the expansion of ITONICS’ offerings.

Over the past ten years, Chris has been through every possible role at ITONICS: From coding trend radars for ITONICS' first customers to managing complex innovation programs and implementing standards as Chief Operating Officer, to winning and growing long-standing customers as Chief Commercial Officer. In addition to his Ph.D. in statistics and artificial intelligence, Chris has published several scientific articles on the added value of artificial intelligence in foresight and innovation processes. Moreover, he is regularly on stage as a keynote speaker, host of the Innovation Rockstars podcast, and a member of the German Federal Association for Artificial Intelligence.

Chances are high that disruption will become the next normal, and organizations around the globe need to navigate and act in an increasingly volatile world. Only those with the courage and spirit to embrace a constant state of change and innovation will continue to have a meaningful impact. Together, we will continue to grow ITONICS into a truly global player that helps organizations around the world to innovate by strengthening their strategy-to-execution alignment.

- Dr. Christian Mühlroth, CEO, ITONICS

The combined leadership power will provide ITONICS with the competitive edge to shape the way organizations innovate for a brighter future.