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Featured image: Work Faster and More Efficiently With the New Navigation in ITONICS

Work Faster and More Efficiently With the New Navigation in ITONICS

Introducing a new era of navigation: a brand new navigation launched for ITONICS Starter, Team, and Professional.

Experience our all-new navigation system, meticulously crafted for a seamless and intuitive journey toward enhanced productivity. This revamped navigation hub unifies all your essential ITONICS tools into a single, convenient location, enabling effortless transitions between tools and rapid access to the information you need.

But First….

Before we dive into showing you the new navigation, let’s take a step back to understand what you can do on the ITONICS Innovation OS.

The Innovation OS offers a centralized hub where innovation teams of any size can efficiently coordinate, manage, automate, and collaborate. It's designed to streamline activities, automate routine tasks, and promote cross-company cooperation, ultimately enriching the process of strategic decision-making.

Within this system, you'll find a structured repository for all your innovation insights, serving as a single, reliable source of information. This source seamlessly links foresight, ideation, and strategic portfolio management with your overarching strategic objectives.
By consolidating your innovation initiatives, the Innovation OS facilitates collaboration, breaking down barriers between departments. The platform's innovative approach enables organizations to expand and expedite their innovation endeavors, translating growth aspirations into tangible achievements.

Now let’s show you what this looks like and how it will help you innovate better, faster, together:

Less clicks!

Effortlessly access all the tools directly from the main navigation and switch between them seamlessly with just one click. Plus, your saved searches can now be easily accessed as presets directly from the main navigation, requiring just a single click.

Manage your profile, workspace, and organization.

In the main navigation, you now have the flexibility to choose your preferred workspace or easily identify your current workspace. You can also access your individual profile, and if you're the organization admin, organization settings are just a click away.

What are Workspaces in ITONICS?

Workspaces, available in ITONICS Starter, Team, and Professional plans, act like dedicated 'rooms' where users can carry out tasks efficiently. They enable you to tailor the Innovation OS to your specific use cases or create specialized areas for teams or individuals working towards specific goals. Moreover, Workspaces play a crucial role in structuring data securely, ensuring compliance with your organization's governance and policy standards.

Workspace in the ITONICS Innovation OS

Search Workspace in the ITONICS Innovation OS

Support to help you elevate your innovation capabilities.

Find Help & Support conveniently in the main navigation, where you'll discover valuable resources to assist you in utilizing the system. Access direct links to tutorial videos for step-by-step guidance, explore informative content, and stay updated with the latest product news.

Within the Help & Support tool, you also have the option to request additional assistance for issue resolution or share your valuable feedback with us.

Help & Support in the ITONICS Innovation OS

More help and tools

You can find more information on navigation in ITONICS Starter, Team, and Professional in our comprehensive Knowledge Base.



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