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Featured image: Stay on Top of Changes Faster with ITONICS Automated Monitoring

Stay on Top of Changes Faster with ITONICS Automated Monitoring

At ITONICS, we recognize the challenges of keeping up with fast-paced developments over time. This task can be daunting, demanding both time and resources.

For foresight and scouting teams tasked with tracking signals in specific areas of interest, the ability to spot emerging trends and developments ahead of the curve is priceless. However, it often proves to be a formidable challenge. Swiftly accessing current developments, be they spikes or drops, can be elusive, Moreover, human bias often results in missed opportunities or skewed observations.

ITONICS Automated monitoring now helps you manage the sheer volume of data. Leverage machine learning to proactively monitor and track significant developments in your areas of interest.

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Why ITONICS Automated Monitoring?

Foresight teams often grapple with overwhelming amounts of data, making it a daunting task to pinpoint the most relevant developments. The sheer volume of incoming signals can be overwhelming, making monitoring and evaluating assigned areas of interest difficult. Contextualizing diverse signals is another hurdle, as it can be challenging to discern which developments genuinely matter. This is also highly influenced by human bias that inevitably affects the information teams focus on.

To address these concerns, our new Automated monitoring features simplify these complexities. It allows teams to harness the power of automation by allowing our system to track and monitor trends, technologies, startups, competitors, risks, and existing opportunities to deliver up-to-date information.

Eliminate the selective monitoring of signals that align with preconceived notions and ensure robust decision-making with ITONICS Automated monitoring. Our system tracks the number of signals in your area of interest, alerts you to any significant increases or drops in information over a certain period, and lets you directly see where this information comes from. For example, see whether there was a drastic increase in patents filed for a specific technology during a certain time period. Leveraging the power of our system allows you to monitor signals you may have missed due to information overload, human bias, or complex search capabilities. View key events on a timeline and quickly understand developments.

The urgency of tracking signals over time is crucial for enabling swift responses to relevant changes. Save time by receiving updates that indicate significant changes in your area of interest, delivered straight to your inbox. Simplify monitoring to ensure you stay at the forefront of developments. Make faster, better-informed decisions and allow ITONICS to help you focus on what matters most.

What is ITONICS Automated Monitoring?

By leveraging machine learning, the system tracks sudden growth or decline, and sustained growth or decline related to your teams’ areas of interest. The Signals alert and Smart score features automate tracking and monitoring trends and help you quickly understand the speed of change for technologies, startups, competitors, risks, and existing opportunities.

Signals alert sends notifications straight to your inbox where you can, with one click, see the information visualized to help you quickly gain insight into meaningful information, and the Smart score feature automatically adjusts to indicate the rate of growth in news, patents, and publications relating to your area of interest.

ITONICS Automated Monitoring to track trend developments

ITONICS Automated Monitoring to track trend developments

By alerting you to changes, using timeline visualizations that show you key events to help you quickly gain insights, and automatically providing smart scores to help you see how these developments rank according to specific criteria, you can quickly decide what to focus on. Then, get your internal experts to rate the new developments further so you can turn information into action.

Say goodbye to manual and resource-heavy monitoring.

The ITONICS Automated monitoring tool is designed to help your teams focus on the most impactful developments. It streamlines the arduous tasks of tracking and monitoring, significantly reducing the time and effort required to stay informed and helping you reduce the human bias that can negatively impact opportunity discovery.

The instant notifications streamline your response to emerging trends, and thanks to intuitive visualizations and the ability to dive deep into weak signals, it helps you contextualize developments, providing a deeper understanding of their implications.

It acts as a safeguard, preventing teams from missing out on critical developments that demand attention, and lightens your team's workload by automating manual and time-intensive activities.

Optimize resource allocation, reduce the time and effort needed to stay updated on critical changes, and enhance decision-making. Ensure that the right individuals receive the right information at precisely the right moment.

Built for you to stay ahead of the curve.

Picture this scenario: you're an innovation manager tasked with tracking emerging trends in your industry. With Automated monitoring, you can effortlessly stay ahead of the curve, receiving instant alerts whenever there's a significant development related to your area of focus.

This capability is also a game-changer for technology managers, enabling efficient tracking of the evolution of signals over time allowing for the proactive identification of emerging trends and developments.

Foresight teams can streamline their research and resource allocation, saving valuable time and resources.