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Featured image: Transforming Strategic Foresight with Augmented Intelligence
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Transforming Strategic Foresight with Augmented Intelligence

At ITONICS, we believe that innovation starts with answering the question: Where to Play. In a world where change is the only constant, identifying the right areas for innovation is crucial. This is not just about finding new markets or technologies; it’s about understanding the evolving landscape of opportunities and challenges. This is where intelligent foresight comes in. Your company’s ability to monitor, anticipate, and quickly make sense of changes in your business environment allows you to foster future readiness and drive growth systematically.

In our webinar on Intelligent Foresight with ITONICS, our innovation experts unpacked the topic of intelligent foresight. This article summarizes the key points from the webinar, including why foresight is necessary yet challenging. Learn about Martec’s Law, what industry leaders say about foresight capabilities, and how to apply best-practice foresight processes in your company. Finally, we present three game-changing use cases demonstrated by the augmented intelligence capabilities in the ITONICS Innovation OS.

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Why strategic foresight?

The answer to the question, “Why do companies need strategic foresight?” lies in the uncertainty and volatility of markets, evolving customer needs, and advancing technological solutions. Navigating increasingly complex business environments requires not just reacting to changes but anticipating them, thus enabling businesses to innovate with speed, scale, and accuracy.

One of the reasons why anticipating changes and prioritizing innovation efforts is challenging for many companies is exemplified by the concept of Martec’s Law. It describes a conundrum where technology changes exponentially while organizations change logarithmically. Essentially, the world is changing faster than most companies are equipped to keep up with.

Martec's Law in Strategic Foresight

Martec’s Law

Martec’s Law, coined by Scott Brinker, represents one of the greatest management challenges of the 21st century. Put simply, technology advances faster over time because developed technologies serve as building blocks for new technologies, and the rate of change soon reaches exponential speed. On the other hand, organizations don't change as quickly; in fact, their rate of change tends to decline as complexity and overhead increase. As the gap between these two rates of change widens over time, organizations risk being left behind.

By employing strategic foresight, companies can better prepare for and align with the rapid advancements in not only technology but also in market trends, consumer behaviors, competitor landscapes, and more—thereby narrowing the gap that Martec's Law highlights. This proactive approach helps organizations to adapt more effectively and remain relevant and competitive in an ever-changing business environment.

What do industry leaders say?


of executives expect accelerating rates of change and are preparing accordingly.



of executives say their organizations lack the capacity to take action on emerging trends.

McKinsey & Company


higher profit growth for long-term oriented companies compared to those with a short-term outlook.

Harvard Business Review

The overwhelming majority of businesses anticipate a faster pace of change, recognizing the need to prepare more effectively for the future. However, a significant number of these companies doubt their ability to act on emerging trends, highlighting a gap in their strategic planning. This situation underscores the crucial correlation between strategic foresight and profit growth, where long-term planning and the ability to anticipate future changes are linked to significant increases in profitability.

Critical strategies like leveraging predictive analytics for future insights, implementing continuous trend monitoring, and using scenario planning to prepare for multiple outcomes are becoming indispensable. Additionally, the role of innovation management is vital in bridging the gap between foresight and practical, timely action.

Best practice in strategic foresight

ITONICS advocates three pillars for best practice in strategic foresight:

  1. Clear process and governance: Establishes structured approaches and clear roles for strategic foresight, ensuring consistency and alignment with organizational goals.
  2. Broad expert involvement: Involves diverse experts and stakeholders, enriching the foresight process with a wide range of perspectives and insights.
  3. Engaging insights communication: Focuses on clearly and effectively communicating foresight findings to ensure they inform decision-making and strategy.

The ITONICS Innovation OS translates these three pillars into practical application in one collaborative system. Fully configurable, the Innovation OS allows you to map your internal innovation workflows, roles, and objectives to our best-practice processes and tools.

However, ITONICS recognizes that best practice innovation approaches, methodologies, and models also change over time:

Dominant innovation models through the years


Push/pull and feedback loops

Innovations are driven either by technological advancements (push) or market demands (pull), with continuous feedback informing incremental improvements.


Open innovation

Involves collaborating with external entities, leveraging outside ideas and resources to complement internal innovation efforts.


Augmented intelligence

Enhances human ingenuity with ML and AI, focusing on the synergy between human creativity and machine-driven data analysis for innovation.

ITONICS is shaping the future of innovation. Defined by augmented intelligence, this new model seamlessly integrates machine intelligence and human ingenuity. This marks a shift toward automated systems that connect the dots, identify gaps, and develop opportunities systematically and continuously. And there is a parallel shift occurring in strategic foresight. A new way of understanding drivers of change, potential disruptions, and emerging markets to make better strategic choices: intelligent foresight.

Intelligent foresight: 3 game-changing use cases

As the next iteration of strategic foresight, intelligent foresight integrates machine intelligence into the foresight process. This approach enhances traditional methods by providing more data-driven insights, predictive analytics, and real-time signal monitoring.

Intelligent foresight in the ITONICS Innovation OS enables companies to process vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and generate insights at a scale and speed beyond human capabilities to create a more dynamic, responsive, and informed foresight strategy.

Use case #1: Accelerate environmental scanning and signal discovery

ITONICS Foresight now features AI-powered Automated Monitoring. Acting as an early warning system, this tool automates signal monitoring, cutting through the noise and making it easier to focus on what really matters.

Automated Monitoring enables foresight teams to proactively monitor and track significant developments related to an identified trend, technology, or other drivers of change:

  1. Auto-generate a trend description: For Automated Monitoring to work properly, you need to have a thoughtful title, summary, and description. With the GenAI-powered autofill feature, you can create a detailed trend or technology description quickly and easily. Based on this description, Automated Monitoring then uses NLP to automatically generate a relevant signals feed.
  2. Narrow down your automated signals feed: In the signals tab on a trend or technology, you will see the automated signals feed. The signals are sourced from news, publications, and patents. You can select or deselect the sources in which you are most interested and search in the feed by keyword.
  3. See developments over time: The timeline visualization is automatically generated based on the signals in the feed, showing spikes and drops in related signals. You can also set the time frame depending on how far back you’d like to look.
  4. Understand the impact of key events: To help quickly make sense of developments in the timeline, you can turn on the key events feature. This shows, for instance, if a patent  or news publication has generated a lot of interest. It also attributes a smart score that indicates the rate of growth.
  5. Receive automatic alerts for significant changes: The signal alert feature sends notifications straight to your inbox when there is a sudden or sustained increase or drop in signals related to a specific trend or technology, allowing you to easily stay on top of changes in your business environment.

Automated monitoring showing key events in foresight activities

Automated Monitoring is a great tool for empowering not only top-down foresight but also bottom-up. It enables scouts, R&D experts, and employees across various functions to quickly make sense of the pace, magnitude, and impacts of change related to the trends and technologies they’re interested in.

Use case #2: Enrich and validate trend insights and human expertise

Using GenAI, ITONICS Foresight speeds up the enrichment and validation of foresight content like trends, technologies, risks, startups, opportunities, scenarios, and more. This approach boosts engagement in foresight activities across organizations, from technical experts to customer-facing roles.

The auto-generate feature can also be applied to create targeted campaigns and ideas addressing key insights and strategic focus areas within your foresight program:

  1. Launch a campaign to collect foresight ideas: Bring your foresight campaigns to life quickly with ITONICS’ best-practice workflows and GenAI-powered autofill features. Foresight managers are prompted to provide a campaign title and summary, and from this information, a detailed campaign description is automatically generated.
  2. Contextualize your campaign: GenAI recommends a list of relevant tags to add to your campaign. This allows your campaign to be efficiently categorized and connected to other foresight intelligence, making it easy to validate insights, identify synergies, and remove duplication.
  3. Add a compelling header image: Using GenAI, you can autofill a header image based on a selected style (e.g., artwork, digital, futuristic) and short prompt. Attributing images to campaigns, trends, technologies, and other foresight elements helps capture attention, boost engagement, and provide quick context.
  4. Quickly populate your campaign: To serve as an example and inspiration for your foresight teams, you can use the GenAI feature to autocreate a batch of initial seed ideas to populate the campaign. Individual team members can also tap into the power of GenAI to quickly and effectively articulate their input and ideas.
  5. Prioritize foresight ideas: Knowing what foresight ideas to move forward with and act upon requires you to evaluate and prioritize them based on criteria that align with your strategic goals. The GenAI autorate feature provides fast and bias-free preliminary evaluations that can be paired with expert evaluations to accelerate decision-making.

Next-Gen Battery Applications automated idea generation

GenAI removes many of the common obstacles to participation in foresight activities, like lack of time, motivation, and confidence in one’s ability to contribute clear and valuable input. As a result, a broader range of participants are empowered to engage meaningfully, ultimately fostering diverse perspectives and richer, more comprehensive strategic insights.

Use case #3: Organize, connect, and amplify foresight intelligence

ITONICS Foresight unlocks the full value of foresight intelligence by providing a 360-degree view of your innovation ecosystem. With intelligent analysis and dynamic visualizations, you can turn data into insights and arrive at opportunities faster.

The ITONICS Innovation OS offers multiple interactive and real-time visualizations to help inform and speed up decision-making:

  • Radar: This powerful visualization maps drivers of change like trends and technologies to help you spot strategic focus areas, meaningful relations, and opportunities. You can configure different views based on the criteria and dimensions you wish to focus on, save, and share these views seamlessly throughout your organization. The Radar is a valuable tool to communicate foresight intelligence, build awareness, and boost buy-in from key stakeholders.  

Radar showing drivers of change in Energy

  • Lists: With Lists, you can view all your foresight intelligence in one central location. Configurable fields and intuitive filtering and sorting functions allow you to tailor the view to your specific needs, easily manage and organize large volumes of data, and swiftly identify key insights, trends, and technologies relevant to your strategic goals. It is also an effective tool to track foresight key performance metrics (KPIs) and monitor the overall status of your foresight activities.

Technology portfolio list in ITONICS

Transform foresight with the ITONICS Innovation OS

The ITONICS Innovation OS is revolutionizing the field of foresight by introducing intelligent foresight capabilities. Integrating machine intelligence with strategic foresight processes enhances your organization’s ability to process vast amounts of data, identify emerging patterns, and generate actionable insights. This transformation enables companies to navigate the complexities of today's business environment with agility and precision.

Remember to check out our on-demand webinar for even more in-depth insights and expert tips to operationalize intelligent foresight in your organization with #1 Innovation OS.