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Startup Radar –
Software for Startup Relationship Management

Your digital startup radar for all activities in global startup scouting and startup relationship management

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Accelerate Your Transformation with ITONICS Startup Radar

Navigate the startup ecosystem around you to find the perfect innovation partnerships to invest in

Your own Startup Radar now simply online

Get started right away and create your own innovation and startup ecosystem in a few steps

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Your powerful Radar Tool for informed Technology Management

Spot and monitor highly disruptive technologies and drive your technology vision with your own trend management platform

Individual startup radars

Configure the startup radar to your individual needs, e.g.:

  • Adjust the style to your company’s CI.
  • Specify your rating criteria of interest.
  • Digitize your startup relationship management process with roles and permissions.
  • Define custom startup clustering and filtering options.

Intuitive radar visualizations

Search and browse through industry-shaping emerging technologies, trends, vendors, and startups.

Detailed startup profiles

Create and export single startup profiles (e.g. containing disruption potential, maturity level, scouting phase, success potential, degree of innovation, etc. all in a single view).

Digital Startup Radar - Test for free!

Collaborative startup scouting, monitoring, and rating

Involve the relevant teams and experts to identify, discuss, and rate startups and technologies of your interest.

Digital partner hubs

Open up your platform to startups and other innovation partners to integrate new perspectives into your innovation project landscape.

Executive-ready reporting

Build comprehensive reporting dashboards to share with top-management and other stakeholders.

Collaborative Startup Scouting Software by ITONICS

All sources in one place

Navigate all sources including technologies, patents, startups and trends of your interest through one digital platform.

Industry-specific databases

Push content around new market players from a wide range of databases (e.g. Crunchbase and Craft.io) into the platform.

Connect the dots

Link the startups in your digital platform with innovation activities, technologies, patents and industry-specific inspirations.

Startup Database that is connected to your own Startup Radar

One-click startup data export

Create and export individual reports as PDF with one click directly out of the startup radar tool.

Regular trend and tech newsletters

Prepare and send regular trend, tech and startup newsletters to individual target groups to foster an innovative and future-oriented mindset.

Digital Partner Hubs & Startup Radar Tool

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