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ITONICS Web Clipper to capture inspirations from the web


Capture inspirations from the web

Discover and clip innovative web content about new trends and technologies with our browser extension ITONICS Web Clipper.

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Discover and clip inspirations relevant to your business

Link inspirations directly to your trend scouting, technology management or idea campaigns.

  • Use any standard browser
  • Store content in your globally accessible database
  • Use tags to structure your inspirations
  • Prefilled with the header image, title, and a summary
  • Link inspirations to your trends, technologies or ideas
  • Complementary extension
Save inspirations from blog articles with the ITONICS Web Clipper

Feed your innovation database with the latest inspirations

You're browsing the web and something catches your eye? ITONICS Web Clipper is a browser extension that lets you discover and clip inspirations from the Internet. The plugin works with any ITONICS feature.

Save inspirations from blog articles with the ITONICS Web Clipper

Enrich trends, technologies, and startup content

Get inspired by news articles or blog entries.

  1. Click the clipper symbol on your browser.
  2. A window appears in which title, description, and image of the page are automatically filled with content.
  3. Edit the information if needed and off you go.
  4. The inspiration is uploaded to your ITONICS platform and can be linked to other elements.

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ITONICS Web Clipper

About our software tool to capture inspiration from the web.
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