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News & Activities around Innovation Management & ITONICS

Lena Kirchberger

Lena Kirchberger

Lena has earned her Master's degree in International Marketing at the Technical University for Applied Sciences in Nuremberg. Before joining ITONICS as Digital Marketing Manager, she gained practical experience in innovation management at BMW Group with a special focus on the field of open innovation. Lena develops and manages target group-specific content for marketing campaigns across multiple digital channels.

Recent Posts by Lena Kirchberger:

by Lena Kirchberger, on Jan 5, 2022 4:36:33 PM

In 2021, ITONICS again launched its annual appeal for donations within the entire global team in the run-up to Christmas to share our gratitude with those going through difficult times. The …

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by Lena Kirchberger, on Jun 25, 2021 11:26:09 AM

What could the future look like for the German automotive industry by 2030? 40 students from the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) addressed this question and developed possible future scenarios …

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