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Software-Supported Roadmapping In Innovation Management

Technology Roadmaps to Forecast the Future

Considering ever short product life cycles, rapid technological developments in numerous fields, dynamic customer requirements and new business models due to the digitalization of value creation, simply reacting to changes in the corporate environment is not enough. In order to remain competitive in the long term, companies must act proactively and develop the ability to implement appropriate strategies, changes and adjustments at an early stage. In this context, roadmaps are a recognized tool in medium- to long-term strategic planning.

Free Download: Software-Supported Roadmapping in the Innovation Process

Technology roadmaps enable decision-makers in companies and other institutions to forecast and plan development paths for (future) technologies. As a visual communication medium, a roadmap represents the development of an entity over time and links the resources and markets required to create it. This information from a technology roadmap flows as important input into the decision about technologies to be used in the future or and technological advancements, moreover it is of strategic importance.

The classic technology roadmaps are used in technology management to control the development of new technologies, product roadmaps deal with the planning of new products and innovation roadmaps deal with the planning and implementation of innovative development projects.

Despite the obvious advantages of road mapping, it is only used selectively in practice. The high effort involved in creating and updating roadmaps is a deterrent to many companies. With the increasing use of technology road mapping, the requirements for effective and efficient IT support are increasing at the same time. While the widespread desktop software may still be sufficient for an easy start, a deeper and broader use of specialized software is required.

Roadmapping Software Tools

The obstacles in technology roadmapping can, however, be overcome at least in many parts with specialized software. This white paper presents the ITONICS roadmapping software, which combines product and technology roadmapping in an integrated solution and helps to master numerous challenges in practice through collaborative components. The solution is 100% integrated into the ITONICS-Suit and has proven itself with numerous customers.
You can download the complete white paper below.

Free Download: Software-Supported Roadmapping in the Innovation Process