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Scenario Planning in Uncertain Times

Scenario Planning & Strategic Foresight

Plan the future ahead and maximize your growth ratio


Create Scenarios based on Trend and Risk Monitoring and analyze their Impact on your Business

In times of growing uncertainty and anxiety, informed and confident strategic decisions ensure the long-term viability of a business. Given the various possible external developments, scenario planning and strategic roadmapping help you identify your future strategic action fields. Large, successful companies have been using such strategic foresight methods for decades to gather the necessary evidence for strategic decisions. However, also SMEs profit from strategic foresight shifting from vague predictions to solid preparation. 

Start to look ahead and systematically explore what the future holds for your business.

  • Will the future be full of risks or full of growth opportunities?
  • How likely will your business be affected by worst-case scenarios such as long-term crises or short-term disasters?
  • When should you start acting, monitoring, ignoring or watching out?

Scenario planning and strategic roadmapping ensure safe navigation through uncertain environments and the long-term viability of your company.

Want to get started? Or you need help? No worries, we provide you with the right toolset and an accompanying webinar to kick off immediately and with a minimum of effort.

ITONICS’ collaborative and digital software solutions help you coordinate activities, manage scenarios and their impact on your business:

  • Get a comprehensive overview of factors affecting your business.
  • Map dependencies to understand where disruptions might arise.
  • Estimate the impact of risks and trends.
  • Make use of fully integrated scenario construction.
  • Estimate the potential impact and likelihood of occurrence of scenarios.
  • Identify favorable and risky scenarios and analyze the impact of each scenario on your business activities.
  • Facilitated decision-making due to handy visualizations.
  • Develop robust strategies for different scenarios.
  • Understand and plan when the alternatives need to come in place.

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Your Digital Toolset to navigate your Business through future Disruptions

Explore how the future could be shaped and adapt your strategy accordingly with our scenario analysis software

Spot and monitor emerging trends and risk areas in your corporate landscape with ITONICS Radar

The ITONICS Risk Radar and Trend Radar are based on the ITONICS Radar solution and enable the collaborative identification, evaluation, and monitoring of key drivers within your business environment, the definition of dependencies and a dynamic radar visualization. What are the key drivers? Do we know them? Can or do we have to prioritize these various key drivers differently? How do we assess them in relation to our company or organization?

Risk Radar Software Screenshot

Risk- and trend-based scenario construction with the Scenario Space Matrix

Combine classified risks and trends into different scenarios and prioritize those scenarios in a portfolio according to different criteria such as probability of occurrence and potential impact.

Scenario Planning Software

Scenario-driven roadmapping with ITONICS Roadmap

The most favorable or risky scenarios are analyzed in more detail in the scenario roadmap over a desired period of time - in relation to your own business model. 

Risk Mitigation Strategies with Roadmap Software

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Webinar & Playbook: Scenario Impact Roadmapping

How to analyze scenarios’ impact on your business at hand


What you will walk away with

  • What scenarios are and how they can be constructed
  • When and how to use scenarios beneficially
  • How to derive trend-based scenarios and how to compare them in scenario space portfolios
  • How to analyze scenarios‘ impact and strategic options in scenario impact roadmaps 
  • How to use ITONICS Cloud solutions as a handy toolset
  • What an example scenario impact analysis looks like

Your Speaker

Dr. Tassilo Henike, Senior Innovation Consultant, ITONICS

Dr. Tassilo Henike is Senior Innovation Consultant at the Berlin office of the ITONICS GmbH. He obtained his Doctoral Degree in the field of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, focusing on Business Model Innovation, Strategic Foresight and Innovation Tools. The Academy of Management awarded his work. His research was published in internationally renowned journals.

He was part of the Strategic Foresight Group of Prof. Dr. René Rohrbeck at Aarhus University. Dr. Henike contributed with his significant expertise to several Scenario Studies conducted for public institutions and leading companies in the automotive, manufacturing, health science, or consumer good industry.

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