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Featured image: ITONICS Campus: Enhancing Futures Studies and Foresight

ITONICS Campus: Enhancing Futures Studies and Foresight

As remote and challenging summer 2020 study semester started for students across the globe, ITONICS launched its Digital Campus program to help universities with remote teaching. The Campus is designed to provide students, teachers, and researchers with the robust software toolkit needed to quickly enhance their innovation management research and teaching capacities and to prepare the innovators of tomorrow.

Quick recap of what Digital Innovation Campus offers:

  • All ITONICS features: Trend Radars, Portfolios, Roadmaps, and more
  • Lots of research: 120+ trends, 100+ technologies, 2200+ inspirations already on the platform
  • Use of ITONICS end-to-end innovation management software at any time and anywhere for professors and students for a semester
ITONICS tools enhanced the teaching of the Corporate Foresight seminar on “Future Developments in Sustainability” offered by the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management of Technical University of Darmstadt. The course aimed at giving the students a first insight into corporate foresight methods and to develop scenarios based on these methods in the fields of mobility, energy supply, and energy efficiency. The seminar was a unique opportunity for students to study strategic planning and scenario analysis from practice. Due to the current situation, it was the first time the seminar was held in a totally virtual format, which was enabled and enhanced by the resources of ITONICS Campus.

We at ITONICS are very happy to support digital education and enhance the learning experience of students with our innovation management platform, especially in times of such high uncertainty and need for brand-new and easy-to-use solutions. We are excited to enable lecturers and their students to accelerate innovation & foresight in research and education. If you are interested in the ITONICS foresight, strategy, and innovation tools for academic use, check out ITONICS Campus and register today!