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Featured image: Elevating Innovation: Unveiling the Best New ITONICS Features of 2023

Elevating Innovation: Unveiling the Best New ITONICS Features of 2023

The pace of technological advancement has not only accelerated the need for robust innovation tools but has also shaped the landscape with novel capabilities. In this blog, we'll reflect on the most noteworthy features developed and released in your #1 Innovation OS. We are continuously driven to help you propel your business toward a future of unprecedented creativity and efficiency in innovation management. Let’s take a look at some of the groundbreaking features released this year.

Leverage machine intelligence like never before

In 2023, we introduced Automated Monitoring and Smart Ideation, leveraging machine intelligence to propel your organization into a new era of unparalleled efficiency, creativity, and strategic decision-making.

ITONICS Automated Monitoring is an essential tool for navigating the vast data landscape of continuous foresight. Utilizing advanced machine learning, it proactively tracks and monitors significant developments in your areas of interest. Foresight teams often struggle with managing overwhelming data, making it challenging to identify relevant developments. The sheer volume of signals can complicate the evaluation of assigned areas, and contextualizing diverse signals is a hurdle influenced by human bias.

To address these challenges, our enhanced Automated Monitoring simplifies the process. It empowers teams to leverage automation, enabling seamless tracking of trends, technologies, startups, competitors, risks, and opportunities. This ensures the delivery of timely and relevant information.

ITONICS Automated Monitoring

ITONICS Automated Monitoring

Introducing ITONICS Smart Ideation, a revolutionary solution designed for ideation teams and contributors worldwide. Powered by Generative AI, Smart Ideation not only accelerates idea generation but also enhances idea quality. With GenAI, effortlessly create ideation campaigns and ideas guided by prompts, saving time and ensuring high-quality submissions. Imagine evaluating incoming ideas in an instant, streamlining the identification process with precise AI-generated assessments. Transform the way ideas are conceived and submitted with ITONICS Smart Ideation.

ITONICS Smart Ideation


ITONICS Smart Ideation

ITONICS Smart Ideation

Focus efforts, accelerate and improve decision-making

Our tools streamline processes, allowing teams to focus on critical aspects of the innovation lifecycle. Decision-makers can expedite evaluation and implementation, enhancing overall efficiency. These features enable swift responses to market dynamics, providing a competitive edge in today's fast-paced business environment.

Perform precise, dynamic calculations on your numeric data, enabling addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Calculated number fields offer flexibility, allowing you to dynamically compute total project costs, ROI, and conduct KPI aggregations for improved decision-making. 

For portfolio managers, R&D governance functions, technology owners, and senior management tasked with navigating the complex terrain of strategic and program portfolio management, we released ITONICS Lists. The feature offers a seamless solution that helps you  bid farewell to the hassles of toggling between spreadsheets, slide decks, and numerous documents. Embrace a centralized portfolio view that empowers you to execute actions effortlessly, update information in real-time, and monitor the impact on crucial performance, budget, and planning metrics from a single, user-friendly interface.


In 2023 - we released the duplicate detector - designed to prevent you from producing duplicate content in your Innovation OS system. It ensures more efficient and organized content within your workspace and helps manage a lot of information, e.g., during an ideation campaign. Use the duplicate detector feature to start to identify synergies and overlaps.

ITONICS Duplicate Detector

Custom views that enable you to report with confidence

Whether you are overseeing strategic initiatives, R&D projects, or technology portfolios, our features provide a centralized hub for comprehensive alignment. The features empower you to report with confidence by offering real-time insights and analytics. Navigate complex innovation landscapes, track progress, and make informed choices confidently.

Refine your viewing experience with custom sorting and filtering features, enabling teams to swiftly align views with their unique needs and preferences. This ensures a targeted focus on essential metrics and data points during reporting. In the ITONICS Roadmap, vertical sorting becomes effortless — a simple drag-and-drop interface facilitates dynamic adjustments of positions and dates within and across roadmap layers. This user-friendly functionality empowers teams to seamlessly organize information, enhancing the flexibility and precision of your roadmap management.

Explore enhanced flexibility with the introduction of another custom view option in our custom dashboards. Dive into the intricacies of your data by leveraging the general filter section, allowing for easy information drill-downs across various charts. Gain a comprehensive understanding of applied filters for each chart, providing a more informative and detailed view on your dashboard.

Dashboard in ITONICS

Increase collaboration

Leverage team intelligence, fostering diverse perspectives for more robust solutions. Collaboration features enable synchronous work, overcoming geographical constraints, and ensuring a collective innovation effort. These enhancements centralize collaboration efforts.

The Embed feature now allows you to insert a single view of your Roadmap, in addition to a Radar view, or, even multiple Roadmaps from your ITONICS Innovation OS into any website. This allows you to communicate the results of your activities or innovation initiatives via a public website or on your Intranet. This way, you can keep your workforce up-to-date, inspire an external audience, or find partners to work on your future.

Enhance collaboration through the External Gateway feature for campaigns. This feature allows you to precisely designate a campaign as open for external submissions, enriching ideation processes by inviting contributions from external sources. Imagine the possibilities — opening the door to fresh ideas from outside the organization during an ongoing campaign, fostering a more expansive and diverse innovation landscape.

Simplify the process of accessing and disseminating information

In our Starter, Team, and Professional plans, we have enhanced the navigation of the Innovation OS to elevate how users interact with information. These changes substantially boost the speed of tool-switching, enabling seamless transitions between features with just a few clicks. This saves valuable time, enhancing overall productivity.

By introducing more advanced filtering options, the cross-entity type filtering now facilitates intricate filter queries across multiple tools within the Innovation OS. This not only enhances productivity but also enables more precise and targeted reporting.

Effortlessly share specific filter combinations with a chosen group of users to foster a collective understanding of information and insights. Whether you decide to share your filters openly or keep them private for personal use, this feature allows you to swiftly revisit specific views at a later time.

Save information in ITONICS

Wrap up

Soon, you'll have the option to seamlessly convert relevant submissions or ideas within a campaign into projects, transitioning effortlessly from 'How to Win' to 'What to Execute.' Say goodbye to scattered data challenges and embrace a unified space where efforts harmonize effortlessly. Our ongoing commitment is to provide you with groundbreaking tools that merge human ingenuity and machine intelligence in a unified collaborative operating system. This system centralizes information, automates tasks, and connects the dots from strategy to execution, enabling you to innovate rapidly, systematically, and continuously.



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