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Environmental Scanning

Search, analyze and contextualize the world’s collective intelligence to help answer strategic questions


Research faster and deeper

Access patents, scientific publications, websites and any other data source - and identify the relevant information in real-time

Intrigued by the increasing volatility of modern markets and technologies, ITONICS has a vision of software and services that enable people to base their decisions on a well-grounded analysis of the current and potential future state of a market or situation.

We provide our clients with the unique opportunity to make better decisions for tomorrow. ITONICS Insights reliably identifies trends, technologies and developments in any market. Our unique software solution scans the internet and proprietary document stores for patents, scientific publications, websites, etc. about business relevant technologies or developments. It collects, aggregates, interprets and intelligently links this data and generates a reliable base for strategic up-to-date and cutting-edge management decisions that enable our clients to adapt business decisions even more effectively to the expected, and unexpected, developments of the market.


If a company wants to remain successful we need to proactively search for opportunities that enable management to react early to even the most subtle market changes we believe. For opportunities as finely tuned as these, the team at ITONICS with its profound and widely spread expertise is an ideal and reliable partner for a wide and diverse customer base. Several DAX companies in Germany as well as many successful international clients from Central Europe, the United States, Africa and Asia are already profiting from ITONICS’ services and are a proof for the success of our integrated approach.

Work with us to give your company the future it deserves!

Big Data insights and analysis

Identify the needle in the haystack fast and efficient with our integrated solution suite


Analyze and assess trends and technologies from various perspectives
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ITONICS Insights

Scan, collect and analyze data from mass amounts of online sources
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Trend Content

Curated trend and technology insights based on our global team of experts
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Connecting the dots to spot opportunities

Our proven tools, methods and software solutions let you focus on what matters: Decision making!


Patent Research


Competitive Intelligence


Inspirations and Insights


Trends and Technologies

Our blueprints allow for a rapid setup of your individual trend and technology framework

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