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Strategic Foresight

A clear vision of the future is the key success factor for the development of sustainable strategies in companies and organizations 

Mid and long term planning is crucial for better decisions today

Identify opportunities for growth based on future scenarios

Growth- and value-oriented strategies require a deep understanding of future markets, customer needs, the competitor landscape, business models, the political landscape, future risks and regulations and technological changes and disruptions. Framing all these factors into a solid model of the future that allows for continuous updates and adaptations is challenging. Companies need to

  • define a foresight framework
  • choose the tools and methods to create future-oriented strategies
  • integrate various data sources to keep the foresight results up-to-date
  • use communication formats that speak to decision makers in various positions in the company
  • integrate knowledge from inside and outside the company

Our methods and software-based approach allow a rapid, collaborative and sustainable creation of future scenarios. We provide individual packages depending on industry and challenge to align your strategy to the future. We are serving innovation leaders and achieved perfection in strategic foresight in numerous projects with international companies and organizations.

We have the tools to build and establish your corporate foresight

Master the complexity. Crunch a lot of data. Get results fast!

Trend Content

Curated trend and technology insights based on our global team of experts

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Analyze and assess trends and technologies from various perspectives

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ITONICS Foresight

Develop complex scenarios, simulate possible futures and derive robust strategies

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Building your corporate foresight framework

Our toolbox gets companies started based on blueprints, industry expertise and scientific research


Trend and technology scouting and deep dives


Weak signal scanning and monitoring


Foresight methods toolbox


Opportunity space identification and definition

Scenario to strategy process

This is an example blueprint of a simple scenario to strategy workflow

Each process step is supported by collaboration tools and software. Participants can be invited either to join the full process or just individual steps depending on expertise, available time and criticality. Our methods and tool configurator allows for high flexibility and fast results in each step.


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