How often is content in the ITONICS updated?

The content we provide in the ITONICS is updated in regular intervals depending on the type of content.

The content in ITONICS is updated on a regular basis. There is a difference between the curated content we provide such as Trends and Technologies and the automated content that appears in the Signals Feed.

Curated Content

The Technologies and Trends we provide are of a larger scope and timeframe and do not change rapidly. This is why we update them once a year. In these updates, Trends and Technologies will be re-evaluated, some might be merged, new ones added and those that have become obsolete will be deleted.  

For Inspirations, which represent supporting evidence for Trends and Technologies, we aim for an update-cycle of three to four months.

Automated Content

The content provided by the Signals Feed is updated much more frequently. News (including RSS feeds) and scientific publications are fetched on a daily basis, whereas patents - due to the way they are released by the patent offices - will be added weekly.