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Trends & emerging technologies for 2024+

Discover the most relevant trends, emerging technologies, most promising startups, and possible regulatory changes in your industry in 2024 and beyond. Fast, AI-powered, customized.


Hi, just ask: "What are the most relevant trends"? (or startups, trends, customer pain points, or regulatory changes)

What's next?
Automate your trend & tech monitoring with ITONICS.

Stay on top of the trends and technologies that impact your business. Reduce information overload and drive strategic decision making with the automated monitoring tools in the ITONICS Innovation OS. Curious about pricing or plans? Our corporate innovation experts are ready to assist you in a personal demo session today.

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Got more questions? We've got answers.

What is a trend?

A trend is a demand driver that represents new consumer attitudes, expectations, behaviors, or other market shifts that drive new change. Trends are an indication of market pull, guiding innovators in knowing what consumers need, desire, and occasionally demand.

What is a technology?

A technology is a type of solution driver that represents a tool designed through R&D and innovation in response to new consumer needs or desires. Technologies are an indication of market push, enabling new business models, products, and services.

What is an inspiration?

An inspiration is evidence of how organizations or individuals are innovating in response to a trend, technology, or other driver of change in the real world. Inspirations serve as springboards for ideation, helping innovators look beyond their category, connect information in new ways, and nurture fresh thinking.

How do I identify relevant ITONICS trends and technologies?

ITONICS provides access to a collection of well-researched and rigorously evaluated trends and technologies and a dynamic collection of inspirations—all packaged and assimilated into the Innovation OS. You can apply various thematic and tag filters and use visualizations to identify the drivers of change that align with your strategic goals.

Consider the trend and technology descriptions with projections of future potential, the various predefined analyst ratings, and relations to other elements in the OS. It is recommended to also collaboratively evaluate each driver based on your organization’s specific needs and objectives.

How do I use ITONICS to monitor trends and technologies?

ITONICS delivers the information needed to discover early signals of change. It sorts through millions of data points from verified sources, including news, scientific publications, and patents, then classifies the information with automatic tagging.

Once you have explored and chosen which trends and technologies are relevant to your business, you can then use the timeline, world map, and topic cluster visualizations to identify broad patterns. For instance, see easily if an identified trend, technology, or topic is on the rise or decline, in which countries it is growing or declining, and to which other areas of information it is related.