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Customer Stories

Learn more about how other innovation leaders implemented a world-class innovation system with ITONICS

Technology Scouting at Pharmaceuticals Company Merz

Merz: Technology Scouting to Drive Therapeutic Innovation

The Technology Scouting and External Innovation Teams at Merz Therapeutics are responsible for establishing and evaluating the competitive landscape of the current product portfolio. Supported by ITONICS they implemented a technology scouting platform for competitive intelligence.

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Lear Innovation Success Story


Lear: AI-Powered Trend & Technology Management

How Lear is leveraging AI to spot opportunities in foresight and innovation: In partnership with ITONICS, Lear Innovation Ventures shapes the culture of AI-powered signal sensing and data-driven decision making to continually invent, innovate and evolve new capabilities and products. 

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Fletcher Building Success Story


Fletcher Building: Paving the Way to Innovation Leadership in Australasia

On the way to becoming the Australasian leader in sustainable building products, construction, and distribution, Fletcher Building has set ambitious goals to get there. In order to create company-wide synergies, generate evidence and transparency, the innovation platform of ITONICS was integrated and closely aligned with Fletcher Building‘s mission to fuel growth opportunities, innovation success, and company-wide collaboration.

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Achieving Business Impact through AI-Based Trend Detection



Intel: Achieving Business Impact through AI-Based Trend Detection

Intel Corporation is successfully leveraging an early warning system for emerging trends. The company is using AI strategies, focusing on AI-enabled signal detection and trend evaluation, to influence investment decisions and meet future expectations of its customers. The company employs a three-tier framework: Sensing, Interpreting and Acting to contextualize AI.

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Fostering Supplier-Driven Innovation



DMG MORI: Fostering Supplier-Driven Innovation

DMG MORI, one of Germany's largest cutting machine tools manufacturers, sharpened its competitive edge by integrating its suppliers into the innovation process using ITONICS digital innovation platform. DMG MORI involves its suppliers from the earliest development to later design phases to contribute with process and product innovation ideas.

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Case Study Cisco Innovation Challenge

Cisco's awarded Innovation Program based on ITONICS Enterprise

Along the lines of “Team up, Disrupt, and Innovate” and supported by ITONICS Enterprise, Cisco established the Innovate Everywhere Challenge as a vehicle to shape its future growth. The goal is to drive global disruptive thinking, capture game-changing innovation opportunities from Cisco employees, help them grow and enhance employee experience, empowerment, and collaboration across all functions. 

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Case Study Cisco Technology Radar

Cisco Technology Radar: Fostering Innovation with Technology Foresight

Speeding up technology foresight to stay at the cutting-edge of innovation? Cisco Technology Radar is a technology foresight methodology and platform supported by ITONICS Radar, aiming to identify and monitor novel technologies and trends.

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LEONHARD WEISS: Innovation in the Construction Industry

LEONHARD WEISS has been supported since 2017 by the ITONICS digital innovation platform. The EINZ platform (Entwicklungs- und Innovationszentrum = development and innovation center) has since evolved into the central and company-wide place to go for matters concerning exhibition scouting, ideation, and innovation portfolio management.

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GVB: The Innovation Pool of the Bavarian Cooperative Banks

New and exciting projects of the Bavarian Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken are being gathered and collectively developed within the ZWF Innovation Pool since June 2018. The aim of the platform (based on the innovation software from ITONICS) is to bundle information within a comprehensive innovation portfolio and provide it to all member banks.

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Accelerating Innovation at DZ Bank - Blog Article



Accelerating Innovation at DZ Bank

Since April 2016, the DZ BANK Group is successfully using a software platform, the so-called "DZ BANK Innovation Radar", to link trend and technology management (external perspective) with its own innovation activities (internal perspective) and thus gain an overview of the company-wide innovation portfolio.

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How DMK Group collects Food Trends and Inspirations worldwide

The tool ITONICS Crowd offers access to a community of over 500,000 trend scouts worldwide. For the DMK Group, they collect trend information on new food trends quickly and easily via their smartphones in various metropolises. Within just four weeks, 450 inspirations for 30 food trends were scouted and a direct and digital connection to a large community of trend scouts was created.

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Innovation Case Study Engineering Industry

From an established Corporation to an agile Performance Engine

In order to break down internal knowledge silos, KSB implemented the innovation platform iport in 2017. Today there are over 7,043 active users and more than 1,100 ideas have been submitted. Based on the ITONICS innovation platform, all employees worldwide can actively participate in the idea and innovation management.

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Shaping the Future with Trend Monitoring at Lab Mobilière

Shaping the Future with Trend Monitoring at La Mobilière

Take a look behind the scenes and discover why and how La Mobilière has built up a completely independent ecosystem of 20 creative and innovative minds dealing exclusively with trend monitoring and foresight.

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Case Study Trend Management Food Industry

How DMK established a high-performance Trend Management

Supported by ITONICS Radar and ITONICS Inspirator, the DMK Group implemented a powerful trend management process from trend scouting to the derivation of new business opportunities and scouted over 2,000 relevant inspirations in five food trend areas with only a small scouting team.

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WS Audiology: From Value Chain to Hearing Aid Technologies

When talking about "innovation" in the context of "hearing aids", you probably think about developments of new technologies and products. In his role as Innovation Strategy Manager at WS Audiology, one of the world's largest hearing aid manufacturers, Benedikt Heuer shared with us in an interview that there is actually much more to innovation in this field than that.

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