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New Publication: Strategic Service Business Development

Dr. Carolin Durst, Scientific Director at ITONICS, and Nadine Lumme, Senior Communications Manager at Siemens AG, have jointly published a new book chapter focusing on Strategic Service Business Development – Spotting Innovation Potentials and Ensuring Competitive Advantage. The book Service Business Development by Manfred Bruhn and Karsten Hadwich illuminates comprehensively how companies can pursue goal-oriented corporate development through services supported by guest articles by renowned authors. The content elucidates in particular the conceptual foundations and strategies of service business development and the development of innovative services and business models.

Spotting innovation potentials and ensuring competitive advantage


Durst’s publication focuses on how new ideas can be used to generate innovations with concrete added value for a company. The service business development is considered holistically from environmental scanning to the implementation roadmap of the developed service concepts. The innovation process therefore does not start with collecting and developing ideas, but rather with defining strategic fields of action in which innovation is to take place. Identifying, classifying, evaluating and interpreting fields of innovation at an early stage and making quick and well-founded decisions based on these are the key tasks of strategic service business development.


  • hallenges in strategic business development
  • From concept to market launch
  • Next Generation Service Business Development

Here you can get insights into the book and the guest contribution by Durst and Lumme.