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Featured image: EDHEC Business School FIT Chair and ITONICS Announce Strategic Partnership

EDHEC Business School FIT Chair and ITONICS Announce Strategic Partnership

Lille and Nuremberg, September 2023 – EDHEC Business School Foresight, Innovation and Transformation (FIT) Chair, under the leadership of Professor René Rohrbeck, and ITONICS, the leading Innovation OS, have announced a partnership to elevate the global understanding and application of foresight, innovation management, and strategy under uncertainty.

This collaboration is a significant step towards achieving a shared vision of building future preparedness and leveraging IT tools to drive sustainable innovation. The partnership will focus on three core areas:

1) Raising awareness: The collaboration aims to raise awareness about the urgency of building future preparedness and the impact of foresight, systematic innovation management, and strategy under uncertainty. The partnership will work to educate organizations and individuals about the importance of being proactive rather than reactive in today's rapidly changing world.

2) Developing best practices: EDHEC Business School FIT Chair and ITONICS will work together to develop best practices on how to leverage IT tools and platforms to drive innovation and future preparedness. This includes creating guidelines, frameworks, and tools that organizations can use to enhance their innovation processes and adapt to future challenges.

3) Establishing the Future FITness Methodology: A key aspect of the partnership is the application of the Future FITness methodology, which will benchmark organizations globally on their future preparedness. This methodology provides a standardized way to assess and compare organizations' readiness for the future, helping them identify areas for improvement and growth.

Professor René Rohrbeck, head of the EDHEC Business School FIT Chair, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "The partnership with ITONICS represents a significant milestone in our mission to foster innovation and prepare organizations for the future. Together, we will create a lasting impact by empowering businesses with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in an uncertain world."

Dr. Michael Durst, founder and chairman of ITONICS, echoed these sentiments, saying, "We are thrilled to partner with EDHEC Business School and Professor Rohrbeck. Their expertise in foresight and innovation management aligns perfectly with our vision at ITONICS. This partnership will enable us to provide unparalleled support to organizations seeking to innovate and adapt to the future."

The partnership between EDHEC Business School FIT Chair and ITONICS is set to commence immediately, with various initiatives and projects planned for the coming months.

For more information about the partnership or to schedule an interview with Professor René Rohrbeck or Dr. Michael Durst, please reach out via this contact form


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About EDHEC Business School FIT Chair

The EDHEC Business School FIT Chair, headed by Professor René Rohrbeck, is dedicated to advancing the understanding and practice of foresight, innovation, and transformation. Through research, education, and collaboration, the FIT Chair aims to equip organizations with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape.


ITONICS is the leading Innovation OS, providing a comprehensive software as a service for innovation management and future preparedness. With a focus on leveraging technology to drive innovation, ITONICS supports organizations in their journey towards sustainable growth and success. Its cutting-edge platforms and methodologies enable businesses to anticipate future trends, develop innovative strategies, and stay ahead of the competition.