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Featured image: ITONICS Launches Free Innovation Academy

ITONICS Launches Free Innovation Academy

ITONICS, provider of innovation management software, has taken a significant leap forward with the launch of the ITONICS Academy. This new certification program is designed to empower professionals and organizations by providing comprehensive courses on innovation, strategic foresight, and portfolio management.

In these times of rapid technological change, the ITONICS Academy emerges as a crucial resource for those looking to steer their organization’s future and drive business growth.

And the best of it all? It is completely free!

Become an innovation expert and save on consultancy fees

The ITONICS Academy was developed in collaboration with our corporate innovation experts, leveraging years of experience with industry leaders. By joining the Innovation Academy, organizations can save significantly on consultancy fees. Instead of outsourcing, they can develop in-house expertise, becoming self-reliant in navigating the complexities of innovation.

Dr. Tassilo Henike

At ITONICS, we believe that innovation is the nexus of a company’s future success. Innovation can come as a big bang or small improvement, yet always easing someone’s life. That is why it is important to know how to innovate, how to overcome barriers, and how to make investments profitable.

With the launch of ITONICS Academy, we give all our knowledge, expertise, and innovation tools that have powered the success of global leaders to everyone for free.

Dr. Tassilo Henike, Director Innovation Consulting & Academy Lecturer, 

Map out your innovation framework in a day

Participants in the Innovation Academy can learn to map out their organization’s innovation framework within a single day through fast-paced, targeted courses. These courses encompass both fundamental and advanced topics in innovation management, foresight, ideation, and portfolio management. Designed for immediate application, they equip professionals with the tools to address common industry challenges effectively and efficiently.

ITONICS Innovation Academy courses

Apply proven methods and practical tools

The ITONICS Academy’s curriculum is grounded in proven methods that promote innovative thinking and practical solutions. It includes free online courses and supplementary premium content like downloadable templates, which are geared toward facilitating practical application in workplace settings.

Upskill your team and drive business growth

For executives, the ITONICS Academy provides tools to not only enhance their own skills but also to mentor and motivate their teams. This alignment of team development with strategic business goals is crucial for sustained organizational growth and innovation.

Join today!

As the demand for innovative thinking and adaptability increases, the ITONICS Academy stands out as a valuable platform that prepares individuals and organizations for future challenges and opportunities.

The platform is more than sitting in a classroom—it's a vibrant community where professionals learn from industry best practices and will grow and thrive to push the boundaries of what's possible in their companies and industries.

Are you ready to lead, innovate, and transform?



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