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Featured image: ITONICS: Top Innovation and Growth Consultancy in Germany

ITONICS: Top Innovation and Growth Consultancy in Germany

ITONICS has once again been recognized as one of the best consulting companies in Germany. This is the tenth year in a row that ITONICS has been recognized in the areas of innovation and growth. This award underscores ITONICS' unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled expertise in these areas.


The ranking is carried out by brand eins and FOCUS-Business. These awards are among the most important and independent awards in the German consulting landscape. This year's selection process was as rigorous as ever and involved an in-depth analysis of the German consulting market. ITONICS held its own among 299 companies and eleven consulting networks.

The assessment, conducted in collaboration with statistics portal Statista, involved extensive research to identify the most reliable and promising consulting experts. The results highlight consulting firms and networks that have received significant peer recommendations and exceptional client feedback.

At the heart of ITONICS' success is its groundbreaking Innovation Operating System, which enables organizations to move seamlessly from strategy to execution and drive innovation and growth. This holistic platform supports the entire innovation process from insight to market, fostering a data-driven, collaborative and agile environment. With a global team of more than 150 experts, ITONICS works with innovation leaders from all industries, including names such as adidas, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, Mondelez, Siemens, or KPMG.


ITONICS provides the #1 Innovation Operating System (OS) for organizations seeking to operationalize innovation and drive growth systematically. Unlike traditional innovation management software, the ITONICS Innovation OS seamlessly connects foresight, ideation, and portfolio activities with your strategic goals in one collaborative system. Centralize your innovation intelligence, break down information silos, align efforts, and steer decision-making to move from strategy to execution with speed and agility.



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