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Expert Talk: The Cyborg Strategy Designer

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Corporate foresight and trend monitoring in the insurance industry - Maren Kottler from 'die Mobiliar' (German only)

Digitization in Corporate Finance - Florian Ponnath from Siemens Healthineers (German only)

Methods and tools in innovation management - Benedikt Heuer from WS Audiology (German only)

Innovation pool of the Bavarian cooperative banks

Interview with Dr. Michael Durst (German only)

AI-enabled Tech Foresight Summit

Webinar: Software-supported Startup Scouting

Promo for Innovation Roundtable Copenhagen 2019

Michael Durst - Keynote Speaker

ITONICS Trend & Technology Radar

AI-enabled Tech Foresight - with Rohrbeck, Heger & Durst

How the DMK Group sets up a trend management

ITONICS - Where to play the Innovation Game?

Five Questions about Startup Scouting with Christian Mühlroth

Innovate or Die - A systematic Approach to Innovation

Cross-sector future trends and developments - Mike Durst and Sven Göth (German only)

The Growth Show: Suhail Doshi on Bots

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