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How DMK Group established a high-performance Trend Management

Sophia Hübner
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
The identification and interpretation of trends are some of the most important activities in innovation management. Trends reflect consumer needs and changing consumer behaviors over time. DMK Group, one of the leading dairy companies in Europe, is faced with new technologies, changing customer habits, and a fierce international competition in its industry. The early identification of new business opportunities on the basis of relevant food trends is becoming an essential task to meet future challenges.

The Challenge

Early identification of business opportunities based on relevant food and technology trends

Innovation at DMK Group:

  • Limited resources for trend management
  • Time-consuming aggregation, evaluation and documentation of scouting results
  • Manual trend scouting activities
  • Knowledge sharing within the trend scouting community needs improvement
  • No integrated network of internal trend scouts

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Supported by ITONICS Radar and ITONICS Inspirator, DMK Group implemented a powerful trend management process from trend scouting to the derivation of new business opportunities and scouted over 2,000 relevant inspirations in five food trend areas with only a small scouting team.

Crucial for the success of our project was ITONICS’ expertise in trend management. We were not just looking for a software partner, but for someone who is familiar with the topic and who we can trust. - Barbara Siegert, Head of Innovation / Corporate Strategy, DMK

ITONICS Inspirator App for trend collection ITONICS Trend RadarITONICS Trend Radar

What could be achieved:

  • Establishing an integrated trend management process from trend scouting to business opportunities
  • Developing an efficient trend scouting network consisting of internal trend scouts

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