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Why you should care about Trend, Technology, and Startup Scouting
15. November 2018
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4. January 2019

Happiness is when we care – Happy Holidays 2018

Annual school visit in Nepal

by Pinky Sitikhu

Last Sunday, December 16, was not a regular day for our colleagues in Nepal and especially students of Jana Prabhat Secondary School. Sijan Shrestha, General Manager of ITONICS Nepal and 14 other teammates visited school children for the pre-Christmas event, which has been annually organized by ITONICS Nepal.

For this year, the event was split into three parts – mini-hackathon, science experiments, and knowledge sharing about career and study opportunities in Kathmandu. Students learned about the power of teamwork, time management and problem-solving during the hackathon, where five groups of students worked collectively on mini projects. The winners were chosen on the basis of their problem-solving skill and use of the correct approach. All the participants along with the winning team were gifted with exciting prizes – footballs, dictionaries, notepads, thermos bottles and other things.

After the hackathon, different science experiments were presented to all the students. They were excited to see the practical applications of physics in everyday life – e.g. how a battery cell and a magnet can be used to drive a wire coil. The students received gifts upon answering questions.

To conclude, a knowledge sharing session was conducted for the students from higher grades. In the session, the students were briefed about the possible career paths after their final examinations also in the IT sector, which is becoming increasingly important in Kathmandu.

Once again this year, ITONICS will not send out any Christmas cards. We hope for your understanding and perhaps even for your active support. If you would like to participate directly in our charity projects in Nepal, please contact us:

Prof. Dr. Carolin Durst
Telephone: +49 911 600 60 553
E-Mail: carolin.durst@itonics.de

Thank you and Happy Holidays to everyone!