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End2End Innovation - From Environmental Scanning to Roadmapping
End2End Innovation | Frameworks & Methods | Innovation Strategy

End2End Innovation - From Environmental Scanning To Roadmapping

End2End Innovation Management

An organization that has no idea of the future has no future at all. Of course, the future can only be understood and planned to a limited extent. However, targeted innovation management helps companies to recognize trends and technologies in time, to pick them up and to steer them into target-oriented innovations. In this whitepaper, the processes from environmental analysis to idea generation to market launch planning are presented. Especially in the early phase of the innovation process is neglected in innovation management.

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Increasing Complexity in the Business Environment

Product life cycles are becoming shorter, technological development is progressing rapidly in numerous fields, customer requirements are changing and the digitalization of value creation is enabling new business models. Against this background, reacting to changes in the corporate environment alone is not enough. In order to remain competitive in the long term, companies must act proactively and develop the ability to react to weak signals and to implement appropriate strategies, changes, and adjustments at an early stage.

Our whitepaper presents a holistic, IT-supported innovation approach from environmental scanning to the innovation roadmap and addresses the challenges of implementation.

Free download: End2End Innovation