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Innovation Roadmapping

Plan future markets, products and services, technologies and resources with an integrated roadmapping methodology

Execute and Manage Your Innovation Strategy

After opportunity identification, idea evaluation and concept creation comes the hard part: where and when shall we position our innovations?


Roadmaps are a widely used method in strategic planning. In practice, the use of roadmaps is mostly driven by solutions and technologies. But only an integrated view on future markets, products, services, and business models, future technologies, and resources allow for stringent planning and implementation of innovations. Roadmaps visualize and contextualize dependencies in innovation implementation. The aggregation of several individual roadmaps to an overall, integrated innovation roadmap enables top-down and bottom-up strategic planning for the next 3-20 years.

We at ITONICS have developed an integrated framework including process, methodology, software support and best practices in various industries to help clients establish a world-class innovation roadmapping. We help global innovation leaders in developing future-driven and sustainable growth strategies.

In order to track and guide the innovation implementation with roadmaps, companies need:

  • a roadmapping framework defining dependencies and data objects
  • a roadmapping process to update, synchronize and simulate roadmaps in various business units and divisions
  • roles to manage and coordinate all roadmapping activities
  • a methodology to connect innovation roadmaps with PLM and the front end of innovation
  • interfaces between strategy, roadmapping, and product management
  • reporting formats to keep track of updates and potential disorder

We have the tools to build and establish your innovation roadmapping

Master the complexity. Plan the future. Get results fast!

Trend Content

Curated trend and technology insights through our global team of experts

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Analyze and assess trends and technologies from various perspectives

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Plan and connect markets, products, technologies and resources of the future

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Building your corporate innovation roadmap

Our toolbox gets companies started based on blueprints, industry expertise and scientific research


Technology roadmaps


Product roadmaps


Market roadmaps


Roadmap of roadmaps

Integrate business unit roadmaps and identify synergies. Create the big picture of innovation execution anytime and anywhere.

Roadmap creation process

This is an example blueprint of a simple roadmap creation workflow

Depending on the rights and roles, confidentiality of data and level of detail, roadmaps will be created bottom-up by business unit, product line, region or top-down. The individual process configuration is highly depending on industry and business model.


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