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AI Toolbox for Innovation

Use this free toolbox of custom AI assistants for innovation management to understand your business environment, foster creativity, and ignite groundbreaking innovations.
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Innovation Playbook

The innovation manager's playbook to organize innovation for winning.
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How Škoda Accelerates Innovation

In a 30-minute on-demand webinar, we explore with Roman Šiser how Škoda is winning the race against increased market pressure and the need for speed.
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R&D Project Canvas

Enforce standards and make it easy for R&D teams to follow the rules in a time-efficient manner with this template to accelerate R&D processes.
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R&D Portfolio Mapping Template

Improve the efficacy of your R&D portfolio by creating a visual map of the programs, projects, and initiatives running in your organization.
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Project Scoring Template

Your template for scoring growth initiatives to help identify low-performing innovation projects.
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ITONICS Portfolio

About our software tool for innovation portfolio management and agile strategy execution.
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