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Paving the Way to Market & Innovation Leadership in Australasia

Success Story with Fletcher Building

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Fletcher Building is the largest, vertically integrated building and construction company in New Zealand, today employing over 15,000 people across around 30 businesses, which also span through Australia and the South Pacific.

On the way to becoming the Australasian leader in sustainable building products, construction, and distribution, Fletcher Building has set ambitious goals to get there. Together with ITONICS, one of the foundation stones was laid at the end of 2019. In order to create company-wide synergies, generate evidence and transparency, the innovation platform of ITONICS was integrated and closely aligned with Fletcher Building‘s mission to fuel growth opportunities, innovation success, and company-wide collaboration.

In this success story you will learn all about how:

  • How Fletcher Building is changing the game of construction through innovation management
  • Innovation can be successfully incorporated as the new strategic initiative in a global organization to drive sustainability
  • A digital innovation engine is driving innovation success, growth, and
    cultural change