6 Steps To Digitize Business
6 Steps to Digitize a Business
28. June 2016
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30. January 2017

Supporting the Community in Nepal

2016 has been a really productive and impactful year for the ITONICS Nepal teams – not just in terms of work.

In January 2016, our team went to the Ganesh Himal Child Help Centre where we got a chance to interact with some really wonderful children and gave them basic training on hygiene and cleanliness. ITONICS also donated much needed items for the orphaned children.


Throughout the year we participated in numerous Bagmati river cleaning campaigns. The river was found to be habitable for fishes for the first time in thirty years in 2016 and we are delighted to have played a small role in making that possible.


In September 2016, we donated food items and clothes to the homeless individuals scattered around the Pashupatinath temple and at the Pashupati retirement home.


To further improve the situation in Nepal, ITONICS donated to the SOS Children’s Villages.

We thank our friends in Nepal for being so active within the community and wish everybody a great holiday season!