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Scenario Impact Analysis

Track @ ITONICS Campus


Digital Scenario Planning and Foresight for Virtual Classrooms 

Understand when and how to use scenarios for maximum impact. This track of ITONICS Digital Innovation Campus combines ITONICS toolset and Scenario Impact Analysis approach to create Scenario Impact Roadmaps. Use ITONICS Trend Radar to estimate the likelihood of occurrence of scenarios. Analyze the most favorable or risky scenarios via Scenario Roadmaps. Use ITONICS software in your lectures focused on Scenario Planning, Strategic Foresight, Trend Management or Roadmapping.

Learning Outcome of this Track

Outcome Scenario Impact Analysis

Teach & Learn from Anywhere

With people stuck at home, university campuses closed around the world, and the global economy changing rapidly, let's make sure learning doesn’t stop. Now we need innovation more than ever.

100% Online Setup

  • Free semester-long access to ITONICS software
  • Latest cross-industry trends on one platform
  • Scenario Impact Roadmapping guest lecture by Dr. Tassilo Henike
  • A playbook explaining how to create a scenario impact roadmaps
  • Ready-to-use lecture slides and reading materials

Enhanced Learning

  • Tailor-made for professors and PhD students
  • Designed for BA, MA, and MBA courses
  • Ready-to-use in your Scenario Planning, Strategic Foresight, Trend Management or Roadmapping courses
  • Great addition to your virtual classroom

Your Digital Toolbox for Scenario Impact Roadmapping

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Scenario Impact Roadmapping Slides

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Prof. Dr. Carolin Durst
Scientific Director

Digital Innovation Online Program
Digital Innovation Online Program
Digital Innovation Online Program
Digital Innovation Online Program