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School Bags for Nepal instead of Christmas Cards to our Customers

As many as one hundred children were delighted about the donations they received this week in the framework of a charity activity organized by our colleagues in Nepal. The only downside: Again, ITONICS’s customers will go empty-handed in terms of Christmas cards because these savings, too, will be used to fund our aid projects in Nepal.


Two of these bright child eyes belong to Ganga Rana (9) who is in third grade. He dreams of becoming a doctor to heal people. In school, his favorite subjects are Natural Sciences and Maths. Tossing one’s school bag into a corner like many kids do after school in Germany is inconceivable for Ganga and his classmates at the Khagendra New Life Special Secondary School in Jorpati, Nepal. They carry their brand-new school bags with great pride and almost with reverence. Until now, none of the 100 boys and girls has ever had a school bag on their own and all course materials, as well as the valuable textbooks, had to be carried in plastic bags at best. “Our students come from a very poor economic background, most of them are from out of the valley, and it is very hard for them to buy even small stationery items. The bags and stationery items will be of great help to them,” states school director Nandan Sapkota explaining the significance of the donation. As the school is in particular dedicated to educating children with physical disabilities or from economically disadvantaged families, the parents don’t have to pay tuition. In many cases, however, they don’t have the money to pay for notebooks, pens or rulers which is why the school bags came filled with atlases, fountain pens, various pencils, geometry sets, and notebooks. On top, the school also offered a presentation of scientific experiments where more equipment could be won – to the great delight of the schoolchildren.