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Spark supply chain innovation within your organization

As a variety of factors continue to impact the global economy, the clear call for companies to prioritize foresight and innovation across business activities is more relevant than ever. Identify, shape, and plan growth opportunities systematically with the ITONICS Innovation OS to ensure future-fit supply chains.

  • Anticipate and respond to change affecting your supply chain systems
  • Collaborate with suppliers to tackle current and future challenges
  • Refine strategic direction and market fit
Innovation Software for Supply Chain Innovation
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Future-proof your supply chains

Organizations looking to future fit their supply chains need a comprehensive approach to anticipate and respond to changes in the market.

ITONICS empowers companies around the globe to detect, assess and discuss emerging trends, technologies and potential partners on a central platform to advance the strategic execution of innovation efforts. Automatic discovery of weak signals from a variety of sources around the world with ITONICS Insights accelerates your scanning and scouting processes and helps your teams systematically organize and evaluate foresight data—at scale.

ITONICS Radar acts as a 360° early warning system that helps you discover opportunities and risks, reveals actionable insights and answers the question “Where to Play?”. Take proactive action and adapt your supply chain strategies accordingly.

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Engage suppliers in solving complex supply chain problems

Involve suppliers and other experts in your innovation process with ITONICS Open Innovation to bring more intellectual property into problem solving. Address current and future innovation and sustainability challenges, such as how to make your supply chain carbon neutral by 2030.

Cultivate an innovation ecosystem with diverse stakeholders and ensure maximum transparency across the entire supply chain. Drive supply chain innovation at scale.

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Align investments with strategic goals

Integrate new innovation opportunities into your portfolio that align with your strategic goals. Use ITONICS Portfolio to identify gaps and bottlenecks and gain a comprehensive view of your investments. Analyze and monitor the number of initiatives you are currently investing in, e.g. related to solving sustainability challenges.

Steer your portfolio in the right direction and maximize the return on investment. Link goals to portfolios and enable effective decision-making for successful innovation execution.

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Discover the ITONICS Sustainability Radar right here

Innovate your supply chains. With confidence.

Overview of integrations with the ITONICS Innovation OS

Seamlessly integrate ITONICS into your existing IT infrastructure and applications for an enriched and more connected approach.

Content and research on trends, technologies and startups

Kickstart your environmental scanning with ready-to-use trends and technologies compiled by our analysts.

Filters and visualizations of trends, technologies and startups

Navigate vast amounts of data with advanced search filtering and the ability to visualize signals over time and geography.

Insights and automation with the ITONICS Innovation OS

Save time with AI-enabled environmental scanning that sorts through masses of data so you can focus on what matters.


Configure radars for trends, technologies, startups and innovations

Configure the Radar view to suit your use case and highlight what’s important to your team.

Trend radar with industry trends

Explore trends and uncover new opportunities for growth using interactive radars.

Technology radar with emerging technologies

Visualize emerging tech and identify their relevance for your business. Today, tomorrow, and in 5 years’ time.

Configurable risk radar as an early warning system

Establish an early-warning system with a risk radar to monitor threats to your company.

Software and features for managing innovation portfolios

Connect portfolios with strategy and inform priorities through project workflows, boards, budget planning, and reporting.


Open Innovation Features - ITONICS Innovation OS

Incorporate external expertise from anywhere using ideation tools – for 10 or 100,000 collaborators.


Empower everybody to innovate. Today.

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Use a single point of truth to identify and drive supply chain innovation

Read more on our unique, proven methodology that covers the following innovation questions: Where to Play, How to Win, and What to Execute.

End2End Innovation Process ITONICS

Best-practice stories from true innovation rockstars



Conquering sustainability in the supply chain

In this Innovation Rockstars podcast episode, we are joined by Dr. Kerstin Höfle, Vice President R&D and Product Management at Körber Supply Chain. Together with her team, Kerstin is responsible for the automation portfolio, driving knowledge creation and implementing new technologies and solution approaches at Körber Supply Chain.

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From trends to action: logistics at DB Schenker

In this episode of the ITONICS Innovation Rockstars podcast, our CEO Dr Christian Mühlroth talks to Erik Wirsing, Vice President Global Innovation at DB Schenker, about the hottest innovation topics in logistics. The avid innovation enthusiast is always on the lookout for new trends and technologies that will shape the future of logistics.

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About our software tool for collaborative trend, technology, risk & startup scouting.
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ITONICS Open Innovation

About our software tool for open innovation, ideation and startup partnerships.
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ITONICS Portfolio

About our software tool for innovation portfolio management and agile strategy execution.
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