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Webinar: Basics in Trend Management

How to build a  Trend Radar  for your business


Collecting, evaluating and structuring the latest trends and emerging technologies and deriving recommendations for action for a company's own corporate strategy is still a major challenge for many companies.

A trend radar is a tool that supports these processes by enabling the monitoring of trends according to specific criteria. This method uses predefined indicators that enable quick and easy understanding and decision-making. The ability to visualize trend and technology data in a way that allows specific views, filtering, linking and connecting different data provides a powerful perspective on potential future growth opportunities.
Dieses Webinar findet auch auf Deutsch statt. Hier geht's zur Anmeldung.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why trend management is important
  • What a trend radar is and how to use it profitably for your business
  • How to segment your trend radar and define evaluation criteria
  • How to work with industry-related trends and inspirations
  • More basics and best practices in trend management




Alexander Kruczek
Senior Sales Manager


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