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Where to Play
in 2021+

The Trend & Technology Report


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Overview of Where to Play 2021+

The past months have shaken our realities and made us realize more clearly than ever that we need to be prepared. Prepared for disruption. Prepared for change. Prepared for what’s next. Managing the ever-increasing speed of change, driven by trends and emerging technologies, is the key challenge for decision-makers on the way towards a new reality.

Dr. Michael Durst, Founder, ITONICS
As businesses demonstrate a new sense of Purpose, continue to evolve their Processes, and enhance Product offerings, we continue to observe shifts in what People truly value.
Now more than ever, organizations must understand and interpret trends and emerging technologies in the context of their own innovation objectives and future beyond 2021.
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Translate Future Trends into Action

Navigate 175+ trends and emerging technologies


Making better decisions for tomorrow relies on the ability to innovate systematically and effectively. Keeping up to date with emerging trends and technologies is an essential part of creating constant innovation.
Our Where to Play 2021+ Report helps decipher these complexities.

In brief

  • Organizations pro-actively reevaluate and express their Purpose, representing a significant value shift that underscores business profit models and value networks.
  • Processes evolve to establish their own signature move and develop structures that align both talents and assets, spearheading innovation beyond the capabilities of digital transformation.
  • Emerging technologies catalyze new delivery channels and influence how businesses reimagine Product, providing new value to customers through product systems, performance, customer experience, and service.
  • People's changing behavior, strengthened social values, and emerging demographics continue to redefine the relationship between businesses and customers.



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The ITONICS Approach

Prepare systematically today. Shape your future success.

For the past 12 years we have been helping innovation leaders like adidas, Audi, CISCO, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens and SAP grow.

In founding ITONICS in 2009, we set out with a vision to collect, connect, condense and interpret all the information organizations need to innovate for a brighter future.

We have since developed the framework needed to enable innovation intelligence. In 2021, the vision hasn't changed, only expanded.

We still believe that making better decisions for tomorrow relies on the ability to innovate systematically. That is why it is our ambition to Empower Everybody to Innovate.

We help our clients make sense of intricate and often confusing change signals through our environmental scanning processes that deliver collected, aggregated, interpreted, and intelligently linked insights.

To meet our vision, we have designed a comprehensive and modular software platform to help companies structure and make sense of the flood of information at every stage of innovation and strategic planning.

Dr. Christian Mühlroth, CEO, ITONICS

As a consequence of consistently working to solve some of our client’s greatest innovation challenges, we have grown to provide a holistic digital toolbox, underscored by consulting services, as well as market- and industry-specific insights.

After working with a variety of clients to gain collaborative insights through scanning their environment, development projects, and digitally leveraging employee ideas, we have adopted several theories and approaches to develop our own best practices for comprehensive environment scanning.

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How We Play

A unique combination of human and machine intelligence

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+6 million verified signals 
scanned via our proprietary AI-enabled Signals feed in real-time.

+175 opportunity-rich trends and emerging technologies
identified, analyzed, presented in detail.

+ 632 implications for innovation
as possible strategies, methodologies, & practices that can be adopted to realize opportunities and overcome challenges

+5 million interconnections demonstrating dependencies between trends and technologies

+540 quantified ratings 
indicating Scope, Time to Market, Technology Readiness Level (TRL), Market Potential and Adoption Stage.

+6000 inspirations
as best practice evidence of where we see business respond to and shape trends.

How we play
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Global Expertise & Insights

The ITONICS Research & Analyst Team

With a team of dedicated analysts from across the globe, ITONICS is equipped with the capabilities and competencies required to actively track and monitor all 180+ Trends and Emerging Technologies through ongoing research, capturing their evolution and impact.

Spanning demographics, geographies, and industry experience, our Trend and Technology analysts offer strong expertise, diverse perspectives, and informed futures thinking to construct the collective intelligence made accessible through our Digital Innovation Platform.

Packaged as a report and accessible in our collaborative Cloud Software, our foresight is brought alive to uncover new advances that provide a glimpse into the future, while inspiring timely and strategic response.

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Empower Everybody to Innovate


We build AI-powered SaaS to innovate, grow, and disrupt. Our data-driven software platform helps organizations around the globe to identify emerging technologies, trends and market potentials and to translate them into powerful growth strategies.

Supported by artificial intelligence, companies can manage their entire innovation process in a modular software suite to efficiently achieve their business goals and remain future-proof.

Working with global teams to innovate new products, services and business models, ITONICS professional services inspire, guide and accompany organizations on their innovation journey. With more than 115 experts on 4 continents, we support innovation leaders such as adidas, Audi, CISCO, Intel, Johnson & Johnson and SAP.



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