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Innovation management software for global enterprises


Innovate at scale. Drive aligned global transformation.

The #1 innovation management software for global enterprises. Use the ITONICS Innovation OS to optimize every stage of innovation. For large teams who want to customize corporate innovation software that integrates with established processes and boosts company-wide engagement.

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Streamline innovation across your business and supply chain

The ITONICS Innovation Management Software helps answer three strategic questions: Where to Play, How to Win, and What to Execute. From opportunity discovery to conceptualizing solutions to finally executing innovation programs.

  • Unify innovation on one central innovation management software
  • Scalable roll-out, highly customizable
  • Engage expert communities on one collaboration platform
  • Activate an intrapreneur mindset
  • Integrate or fade out decentralized tools to scale innovation
  • Tailored onboarding, training, and ongoing support

Seamless integration into your existing IT infrastructure

Integrations ITONICS with project management tools

Project management tools

In addition to the ITONICS Portfolio management capabilities, you can integrate into an existing third-party project management tool such as Atlassian Jira.

This integration synchronizes project updates such as status, budget, and priority changes between the platforms.

Integrations ITONICS with CRM Platforms

CRM tools

Connect internal information in the ITONICS Innovation OS to external partners in a CRM system like Salesforce or Hubspot.

Synchronize contact and relationship data with innovation information.

Integrations ITONICS with Data Aggregators

Data aggregators

Use data aggregators like Crunchbase and Pitchbook to ensure accuracy and quality when scouting and assessing startups or potential business partners.

Company profiles will automatically update with the latest data.

Integrations ITONICS with Collaboration Software

Collaboration software

Streamline collaboration with the ITONICS Innovation OS. Connect recent actions from ITONICS to existing collaboration tools such as Yammer, Microsoft Teams, or Slack to keep everyone up to date with the latest innovation activities.

Integrations ITONICS with Productivity Solutions

Corporate productivity solutions

Support seamless adoption of ITONICS Enterprise across your company. Integrate ITONICS into existing intranet portals and corporate search engines such as SharePoint or Microsoft Teams.

Use established channels to promote innovation information, campaigns and outcomes.

Integrations ITONICS with BI Tools

Business intelligence tools

Couple the ITONICS RESTful API with Google Analytics or Matamo. Provide data and analytics endpoints, data deep-dives, and individual data slicing.

Visualize data by using integrations and export functionalities to Tableau or Power BI.

Integrations ITONICS with PLM Tools

Product lifecycle management tools

Connect your innovation activities and projects with existing Enterprise Resource Planning tools.

Improve strategic planning by connecting drivers of change, ideas, activities, and projects from ITONICS to your organization’s existing software stack.

Integrations ITONICS with EA Tools

Enterprise architecture tools

Expand your continuous foresight, ideation, and portfolio management activities. Integrate with familiar enterprise architecture tools like LeanIX to ensure execution excellence.

Combine new and established tools for transparent and strategic views.

Empower everybody to innovate. Today.

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Collaboration Tools for Teams in ITONICS

Bold innovation for bold teams

The Enterprise edition of our innovation management software is the perfect match for complex, global organizations. Endless configuration options with a slick and easy-to-use front end. Customize data objects, roles and permissions, workflows, dashboards, and reporting functionalities. Even the look and feel can be configured to fit your corporate style guide.

Dedicated ITONICS Customer Innovation Success Managers are ready to support system configuration and continuous growth. Our best practices guarantee a high return on innovation and maximum impact of your initiatives - fast.

Reliable, balanced, and distributed data center setups enable smooth roll-outs and operations of ITONICS.

Project Management Features in ITONICS

Gain enterprise-wide line of sight on innovation activities

Purpose-fit roles and permissions, combined with a multi-language user interface, provide the scalability you need for successful adoption.

Reliable and secure hosting ensure data safety and security throughout the organization, regardless of your hosting preference.

The Enterprise Edition of the ITONICS innovation management software can be hosted in a shared, private server or within an on-premise environment. We guide you through setup and installation and support the continuous deployment of software updates throughout the product lifecycle.

Why the best innovators work with ITONICS

The pace of technology change is relentless. The underlying strategic vectors lie beneath this churn, and this is where ITONICS excels by providing a space for our team to share important signals of change and discuss their impact, without distraction. It helps us stay ahead of the curve, multiplies the value of our people, and the time we spend together.
Chris Bennett
Chief Technology Officer
Chris Bennett - Chief Technology Officer - Dolby

The ITONICS Innovation OS supports us in scouting new technologies and products for our pipeline. The huge amounts of data generated in this process are easily searchable for the colleagues involved and can be supplemented and evaluated together.

Dr Maarten Ruitenberg
Head of Technology Scouting & Operations
Dr Maarten Ruitenberg - Head of Technology Scouting & Operations - Merz Therapeutics

Cisco operates in a world of increasing market volatility and globalization. With the Technology Radar we found a solution to effectively and efficiently manage novel technologies to maintain and enhance our competitive position.

Sylvain Baron
Corporate Strategic Innovation
Sylvain Baron - Corporate Strategic Innovation - Cisco

The ITONICS Innovation OS has become an integral part of the new innovation culture and is contributing to cross-pollination of pioneering growth opportunities at Fletcher Building.

Dr Lisbeth Jacobs
General Manager Innovation and Sustainability
Dr Lisbeth Jacobs - General Manager Innovation and Sustainability - Fletcher Building
Targeted innovation requires a “single point of truth”, a single source of information to guide people and to make it easy for them to find what’s going on in our organization. The ITONICS Innovation OS is such an environment, bringing together more than 500 Toyota members from our European manufacturing centers on one digital ecosystem.
Andrew Willett
Senior Expert
Andrew Willett - Senior Expert - Toyota

Here’s what you need to get started quickly


Innovation Big Picture

The ITONICS end-to-end innovation approach in one picture: Where to Play, How to Win, What to Execute.
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Got more questions? We’ve got answers.

What support will I get as an Enterprise client?

The Enterprise Edition of the ITONICS innovation management software comes with continuous support and guidance from our Customer Innovation Success Managers, including 24/7 on demand. Starting from the initial kick-off, through the go-live to rolling out your Innovation OS to a broader audience, it’s all covered in your individual growth and engagement plan. If you encounter a challenge, our experts have built an automated incident reporting process within our software platform, so we get notified instantly and act fast and reliably to guarantee smooth operations.

What security features does your innovation management software provide?

ITONICS ensures state-of-the-art industry standards when it comes to information security and data privacy. We partner with the most reliable and secure hosting providers in order to ensure our client’s data safety and security. ITONICS is certified by the internationally recognized standard ISO/IEC 27001:2017. In terms of access, you have the option to simplify the login experience with Single Sign-On (SSO) or limit access, so users can only join from specific locations or dedicated VPN connections.

Can we host the ITONICS innovation software on our local servers?

You can choose where you want your ITONICS innovation management software to be hosted. If you prefer deploying the ITONICS innovation platform on your own infrastructure (on-premise) to meet specific requirements, our IT department will guide you through the installation process and provide support on the continuous deployment of software updates throughout the customer lifecycle.

Can I control the permissions for what users can see?

You have complete control over permissions for every role in your organization. Structure your users with specific groups to reflect organizational structures. Control access to sensitive data by applying powerful Enterprise-grade data governance. It is even possible to sync the organizational details of each colleague with the user attributes on the ITONICS innovation management software in order to further map them to specific user groups that affect what they can view, edit, delete. This makes it easier to maintain access control for new, existing, and former colleagues.

Why should I choose the Enterprise version of the ITONICS innovation management software?

ITONICS is the number #1 innovation management software solution for all phases of the innovation process. With us, you can do environmental scanning, trend and tech scouting, resource management, strategic foresight, ideation to innovation roadmapping, all on one platform. Our Enterprise plan provides advanced configuration and additional functionality, such as organization-wide idea campaigns and the ability to fuel engagement through gamification.