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Technology Scouting & Technology Management

Forecast emerging technologies and manage your corporate technology portfolio to push your innovation and R&D performance


Create a Technology Management Framework for high Innovation and R&D Performance

Accelerate your technology management process by automated technology and patent scouting

Technology Management deals with a lot of data in the identification, aggregation, assessment and communication of chances and risks of technological innovations. The core tasks include collecting and analyzing information, ensuring the transparency of decisions, technology forecasting and planning and promoting the internal communication on technological disruptions and opportunities.

Challenges in technology management:

  • Which upcoming technologies and related patents are game changers in my business?
  • How to identify, select, analyze, and disseminate a large scale of information on novel technologies and technological trends?
  • How can technology scouting be accelerated and streamlined so that employees find the right balance and manage their time effectively?

We have the Tools to build and establish your Technology Radar

Identify technological opportunities. Create a technology strategy. Get fast results. 


Automated identification of technologies and patents

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Technology Radar

Analyze and assess technologies from various perspectives

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Bring your technology portfolio to life by using highly interlinked technology roadmaps

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Benefits of building your corporate Technology Radar

Our toolbox gets companies started based on blueprints, industry expertise and scientific research 


Acceleration of technology foresight process


Smart patent analysis


Technology database


Future-driven growth strategies

Technology Management Process

This is an example blueprint of a simple technology management workflow

Technology communities create and manage all the technologies in a specific field of research. Technologies are processed, enhanced, frequently evaluated and discussed as part of the technology opportunity management process, which is configured depending on the industry sector and customer requirements. Technology management is a piece of our integrated innovation management framework.


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