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Mobile App to collect innovative Inspirations – ITONICS Inspirator

Your mobile app to collect & link inspirations to your trend and ideation process

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Mobile App to collect innovative Inspirations on the go - ITONICS Inspirator

ITONICS Inspirator Features

ITONICS Inspirator App - Mobile App to collect innovative Inspirations
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Never miss an Inspiration

Collect spontaneous ideas, market observations, competition activities and inputs from exhibitions or industry events quickly on the go

Scout inspirations on-the-go

Anything that matters to your business can be captured by your scouts via ITONICS Inspirator. Your scouts find something relevant while attending a conference, exhibition or during their day-to-day work? Simply type in the title of your inspiration and add a short description. Take a photo, video or record audio and upload it.

Scout inspirations on the go with the ITONICS Inspirator App

Publish campaigns to your scouts globally

You run a new campaign and need inspirations from your scouts on trends, technologies or competitor activities linked to the campaign? Push your campaign instantly to your global team of scouts. Scouts can browse through the campaign and already submitted inspirations and add new content on-the-go.

Publish innovation campaigns to your global scouting community

Browse through inspirations

Whether it’s text, images or documents - ITONICS Inspirator makes sure the inspiration your scouts have saved is easy to find. Your scouts can easily browse through all inspirations to keep on track on current updates.

Mobile App to browse through Inspirations

Global inspirations database

All inspirations are saved to a central database in a structured manner. Distributed content gets channeled, aggregated and is transformed into a global inspiration database for your company.
Global Inspirations Database - ITONICS Inspirator App

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