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Deliver Insights that matter with AI-enabled Research

Discover early signals of change that have the potential to transform your business of tomorrow.

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AI-enabled Trend Scouting Software - ITONICS Scout

AI-enabled Trend and Technology Scouting

Scout emerging innovations, trends, technologies, monitor competitors & startups

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Accelerate your Time-to-Insights with ITONICS Scout

Create virtual scouting bots that scan and monitor your business environment at scale

Automated scouting

Leverage our text mining engine with over 60 million sources (and counting) to spot new trends, technologies, startups and other early signals in real-time.

Receive customized alerts

Set individual alerts to get notified if relevant news appear.

Customize your sources

Add your own sources by simply adding an unlimited number of RSS feeds.

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Discover patterns by data clustering

Use the text cluster visualization and discover the greater patterns in your data to spot new trends.

Discover related, yet unknown concepts

Explore the term cloud visualization to find semantically related concepts that frequently co-occur together.

Integrate results into ITONICS Radar

Research results can be neatly integrated into ITONICS Radar to fuel and accelerate your continuous scanning and scouting processes.

AI Cluster Visualization Software

Collaborative research process

Collaborate with internal & external research groups, IP teams and subject matter experts on trend and technology scouting.

Multiple data source types possible

Explore scientific publications, patents, blogs, news, websites, RSS feeds and others.

Automated Trend and Technology Scouting Software

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