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Foresight Software for Strategy & Innovation –
ITONICS Foresight

Create future scenarios based on more than 20 software-supported foresight methods!

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Foresight Software for Strategy & Innovation by ITONICS

ITONICS Foresight Features

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Identify new Growth Opportunities with Foresight

Our methods and software-based approach allow a rapid, collaborative and sustainable creation of future scenarios

20 software-based foresight methods for future analysis

ITONICS Foresight integrates the following methods:

  • Weak Signal Scanning
  • Environmental Scanning (after STEEP / V or PESTEL)
  • Brainstorming on interactive Mind Maps
  • Surveys and Real-Time Delphi
  • Uncertainty and Interaction Analysis
  • Diverse methods for scenario construction
  • Roadmapping
  • Strategy Definition and Evaluation
  • Decision Matrices
  • Trend Analysis and Reviews

and many more. The applied methods are used depending on the task and can be combined in the context of any kind of foresight and strategy projects.

Software-based Foresight Methods for Future Analysis

Intuitive scenario creation and simulation

Sometimes decisions must be taken quickly in a complex environment - investors, banks and other business partners are not waiting forever, and some strategic options have a small window of opportunity.

In order to make informed and sound decisions despite high complexity and time pressure, ITONICS Foresight includes many driving factors evaluated from the corporate environment and enables fast simulation of the future under various conditions. A major strategic advantage!

Intuitive scenario creation and simulation software

Collaboration features

Especially in complex situations expert assessments are crucial. How is the competition developing in China? What do new import restrictions mean for our core business in Brazil? Are there any suppliers around holding a patent on a specific technology? What if a certain country changes the import regulations?

Using ITONICS Foresight you can engage a large community of experts globally. Depending on background and knowledge you can invite experts for a certain question or task or for the full project or study. Collect opinions globally - our algorithms deliver the results!

Foresight & Scenario Software by ITONICS

Dynamic data visualization

Our interactive user interfaces allow even unexperienced users to intuitively work with sophisticated strategy and foresight methods. Using drag-and-drop features, experts create the uncertainty analysis in an intuitive interface and provide their ratings within the consistency matrix.

Information distances of scenario clusters are mapped in three dimensions - you can quickly and intuitively identify and analyze the extreme scenarios.

All activities within ITONICS Foresight are logged and new developments can be integrated quickly into existing scenarios. You can at any time check if your assumptions are still valid and if your scenarios do still work!

Strategic Foresight Software Tool

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