Technology Radar Features

Collaborative technology foresight, monitoring, and assessment

Identification, organization, and assessment of technologies with a team of internal or external industry experts

Intuitive data visualization

Visualization of complex data - technologies, blind spots, fields of action

Integrated strategic planning and innovation management

Proactive identification and assessment of business-relevant impacts such as new technologies and technological developments

Numerous data interfaces and export formats

Import and export in different formats (JPG, PNG, PDF, Excel and more)

Central technology and patent database

Scan and filter all relevant technologies, patents, trends and startups in one single space

Workflow-driven process

Identification of key success factors, consolidation of information and increase in transparency across different business units

Fostering innovation with technology foresight

Shape your innovation strategy with insights into future technological changes


  • How to spot technology developments quickly and effectively?
  • How to evaluate the potential of current and emerging technologies together with experts?
  • How to assess make-or-buy decisions in technology?
  • How to create patent strategies for the future?
  • How to spot strategic fields of action and to create and implement technology roadmaps?


Those challenges can be addressed by ITONICS Technology Radar - an online software tool that supports the strategic analysis of your corporate environment.

ITONICS Technology Radar assists you to store, classify, evaluate and analyze technologies relevant to your corporate environment. All technologies are displayed in an easy-to-navigate intuitive radar layout. The Technology Radar allows you to merge, filter and assess different data points coming from environmental scanning activities on a central platform. Long term investment and make-or-buy decisions can be carried out via the involvement of internal and external professionals.

ITONICS Technology Radar is used in numerous company situations and can be adapted and fully customized to your company's needs and business requirements.

Dynamic data visualizations

The ITONICS Technology Radar enables a great visualization of your corporate environment and technology landscape. We offer interactive world and region maps, dynamic trend portfolios and technology roadmaps. Many filters and zoom functions allow intuitive handling of large amounts of data. A role-based, semantic full-text search and the integrated sources database allow quick access to all relevant data within the Technology Radar.


Collaborative technology scouting and monitoring

ITONICS Technology Radar allows easy technology or trend data entry on the PC, tablet or smartphone. No matter whether you run a specific technology scouting campaign or would like to capture technology trends continuously - experts worldwide can simply and intuitively collect new technologies, describe and enrich them with our Technology Radar. Identified technologies can be linked to trends, company initiatives and competence fields. Furthermore, the additional integration of experts enables a comprehensive assessment of a technology or a trend. Innovative modules like our Indexing Engine, our Mobile App ITONICS Inspirator or our Big Data Solution ITONICS Scout make the data entry very easy. Do you stumble upon a web page with an exciting product of a competitor? All relevant information is stored in ITONICS Technology Radar and can be assigned to company initiatives or competence fields with one click only.

Collaborative technology evaluation

Technologies can be evaluated collaboratively via a multi-step process (so-called stage-gate process). Experts from all over the world can e. g. periodically evaluate and discuss technologies from various perspectives. Furthermore, ITONICS Technology Radar supports an “open innovation” approach that allows an easy involvement of external experts for specific topics. The integrated messaging features inform expert groups and scouts about news and upcoming review sessions. Once a review session is completed, ITONICS Technology Radar consolidates the assessments and provides the final results. We propose a standard blue print of methods and processes that can be adopted to the individual requirements of your company.

Semantic tag clouds

We have developed a new type of tag cloud for ITONICS Technology Radar: You can browse through keywords and our algorithm finds semantically similar terms in the knowledge base and displays closely related technologies, contents, ideas, themes, etc. In addition to the semantic tag cloud, ITONICS Technology Radar also builds technology maps, technology portfolios and even dynamic technology roadmaps. Our dynamic data visualization approach facilitates fast and intuitive access to large amounts of data!

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  • Using a collaborative platform, we were able to implement the Innovate Everywhere Challenge as an integral part of our innovation management and engage a world-wide community to team up and innovate together. We achieved a Cisco-wide cultural change and created an interconnected network of innovators.

    Alex Goryachev, Director of Innovation Strategy
  • Our biggest challenge was the connection and knowledge sharing between our employees and the establishment of a more integrated process. KBS reacted accordingly by breaking down traditional organizational structures partnering with the solution provider ITONICS.

    Frank Udo Kimm, Head of Idea Management
  • Together with ITONICS, we have built our digital backbone for our global knowledge and innovation management. The platform enables a new way of communication and is hence an integral part of our cultural change towards more openness and curiosity about the future.

    Dr. Maximilian Stieler, Innovation Manager
  • With our Innovation Pool, we have created an innovative and active platform that has attracted more than 450 active users and boasts more than 70 live innovations. Together with ITONICS as our technical partner, we will continue to develop the platform.

    Martin Magnet, Online Marketing Manager
    Genossenschaftsverband Bayern e. V.
  • The platform offers us the necessary inspiration and networking to increase our innovation activities internally. The database bundles the combined knowledge of all cooperative banks and decreases efforts in the further development of our projects.

    Moritz Stigler, Head of Strategy, Staff & Culture
    Münchner Bank eG
  • Cisco operates in a world of increasing market volatility and globalization. With the Technology Radar we found a solution to effectively and efficiently manage novel technologies to maintain and enhance our competitive position.

    Sylvain Baron, Corporate Strategic Innovation
  • Cisco Technology Radar is a technology foresight methodology and publication aiming at early identifying and tracking novel technologies and trends emerging outside of Cisco.

    Sylvain Baron, Corporate Strategic Innovation
  • The decisive factor for the success of our project was ITONICS’ expertise in trend management. We were not just looking for a software partner, but for someone who is familiar with the topic and who we can trust.

    Head of Innovation Management
    German Dairy Company
  • We successfully leverage trends to develop strategic growth areas. With ITONICS we now have an online platform in which our methodology is reflected and on which we can integrate co-workers in the Front End Innovation activities worldwide. For us, this is the consequent digitization of trend and technology management!

    Director Corporate Strategy
    Global Engineering Company
  • We deeply observe and evaluate trends, new technologies, startups and new products and solutions in FinTech as the basis of our innovation activities. To professionalize and institutionalize these activities we rolled-out ITONICS as an intuitive, collaborative, and web-based tool. Our colleagues love the visualizations, especially the trend radar, and the roll-out went smoothly!

    Director Innovation and Digitization
    European Banking Group
  • With ITONICS we managed to bring consistency, transparency and sustainability into our innovation management processes. Moreover ITONICS connects our employees worldwide as a comprehensive information and knowledge base on innovation, thus increasing our innovation potential enormously. In our view, ITONICS is the only provider who can provide a truly integrated innovation process from environmental scanning through innovation roadmapping in a consistent and holistic manner.

    Manager Technology and Innovation Management
    Global Cabling Company
  • Fast and measurable results tailored to our international organization were our basic expectations of an integrated innovation methodology and toolset. The trend-based approach, including a web-based collaboration platform by ITONICS allows us to capture and evaluate trends, inspirations and technologies, to derive fields of action and to ideate and innovate on a global level. Since we started in early 2016, we have already captured over 1,000 inspirations and ideas and have taken the first steps towards the implementation of innovative product and service concepts.

    Head of Innovation Research
    Multinational DIY Retailing Company

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