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Innovation Portfolio Management

Composing innovation portfolios that align innovation projects with the company’s strategy

Let your innovation initiatives support the overall
business strategies 

Linking your innovation projects to trends and upcoming technologies to identify “white spots” in your portfolio


Innovation is key to sustained competitive advantage in a dynamic global marketplace. An organization’s strategy determines what kind of innovation is required based on its customer value proposition. The aim is to establish a balanced innovation portfolio so that, in the event of a disruptive change in the market, the company already goes through a systematic process of creating new innovations, while at the same time maintaining current cash cows and reducing declining business.

The golden ratio for a balanced innovation portfolio can be expressed with the 70/20/10 model. 70 % of a company’s portfolio and budget allocation should, therefore, be aimed at protecting and maintaining the core business. Innovation efforts regarding “new” projects count for around 20 % of the company’s portfolio. 10 % is recommended to be of a transformational character and new to the market.


  • How to define a company’s strategy in an agile way?
  • How to monitor what’s going on in a corporate ecosystem (startups, competitors, trends/ customer needs, technologies, etc.)?
  • How to evaluate these developments and create strategies to react?
  • How to manage the portfolio of innovation projects and related investments?
  • How to get the required capabilities and skill sets into the company?

Innovation Portfolio Management by HBR





The ITONICS innovation and strategy platform can support you in:

  • visualizing how different innovation initiatives are supporting the overall business strategies.
  • interlinking innovation initiatives with each other or different components of the project execution (emerging trends and technologies, strategic roadmaps, organizational capabilities).

We have the perfect software solutions to manage your
innovation portfolios

Develop your portfolio strategy. Identify innovation opportunities and achieve fast results. 

ITONICS Portfolio

Link and manage your innovation projects and create strategic innovation portfolios.

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Analyze and evaluate initiatives, trends and technologies from different perspectives.

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Fill your innovation portfolio with life by linking it to your technology roadmaps.

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Benefits of managing balanced innovation portfolios

Combine strategy and innovation on one platform and create groundbreaking growth opportunities. 


Gap analysis and strategy alignment


Smart innovation investments


Individual performance management


Collaborative evaluation

Process of managing innovation portfolios

As part of the innovation portfolio management process, innovation projects and their relevance are constantly monitored. All innovation projects are linked to business-relevant trends and technologies on the collaborative platform of ITONICS.

Innovation Portfolio Management Process


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