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Trend Management & Trend Scouting

Trends reflect consumer needs and changing consumer behaviors over time. Good innovation practices start with the identification and interpretation of trends.

Create a Trend Framework for better Decision-Making 

Digitize your trend management process and combine it with smart trend scouting to stay ahead of the innovation game



  • Which trends impact a business?
  • How can the right trends be identified quickly and efficiently?
  • Which business opportunities emerge based on industry-specific trends and how to translate them into innovations?

The identification, interpretation and evaluation of trends is one of the most important activities in innovation management. Trends reflect consumer needs and changing consumer behaviors over time. To manage trends as baseline of innovation activities (aside of technologies of course) companies need

  • A solid trend framework
  • A global network of trend scouts to continuously capture inspirations and weak signals
  • Tools to capture trends
  • Trend management workflows
  • Tools to connect trends and technologies
  • A trend evaluation and interpretation methodology
  • Collaboration tools to allow various views on trends
  • A methodology to integrate and activate trends within your innovation framework
IT-driven trend scouting and trend management gives you more time and energy to produce stellar analysis and interpretation of your corporate environment. Use your trend knowledge to gain competitive advantage!

We have the tools to build and establish your Trend Radar

Create a trend community. Organize all the content. Get fast results.


Collect trends and market insights with a global team of trend scouts

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Trend Radar

Analyze and assess trends and technologies from various perspectives

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ITONICS Inspirator

Collect observations, inspirations, competitor activities and ideas on the go

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Benefits of building your corporate Trend Radar

Our toolbox gets companies started based on blueprints, industry expertise and scientific research


Worldwide ad-hoc trend scouting


Trend identification


Trend data base


Better and faster business recommendations

Trend Management Process

This is an example blueprint of a simple trend management workflow

Trends are created by dedicated user groups. They are processed, enhanced, evaluated and then discussed as part of a stage gate process, which is configured depending on the industry sector and customer requirements. Among other methods, the evaluated trends are visualized in the system in the form of a radar


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