ITONICS Web Clipper Features

Simple setup of browser extension

Use the default browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) on your tablet or laptop.

Automatic content creation

The inspiration is automatically created for you and filled with the image, title and a summary of the page.

Global database for innovation impulses

The clipped content is stored in your globally accessible database

Complementary add-on

The Web Clipper is an extension to other modules of ITONICS Enterprise.

Integrated process from scouting to ideation

The clipped content can be directly linked to your trend, technology or idea management


All content can be manually edited and tagged for better structuring.

Fast and easy Clipping of Web Content

Link inspirations directly to your idea, trend and technology management


  • How to collect interesting articles and websites on trends, technologies or competitive activities online?
  • How to support your trend and technology scouts in their research?
  • How to ccollect and categorize inspirations, innovation impulses, and industry trends in a structured way?
  • How to create a global inspiration database?
  • How to seamlessly integrate web content on trends and technologies into your innovation management?


You are browsing the web and something catches your eye? ITONICS Web Clipper is a browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) that enables you to discover and clip inspirations from the web and add them directly to your ITONICS Suite. After a quick setup, the plugin works with any ITONICS SaaS solution.

Get inspired by a news article or blog entry. Click the clipper symbol on your browser. A window appears in which title, description, and image of the page are automatically filled with content. Edit the information if needed and off you go. The inspiration is uploaded to the ITONICS platform straight away and you can get back to it later.
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  • With our Innovation Pool, we have created an innovative and active platform that has attracted more than 450 active users and boasts more than 70 live innovations. Together with ITONICS as our technical partner, we will continue to develop the platform.

    Martin Magnet, Online Marketing Manager
    Genossenschaftsverband Bayern e. V.
  • The decisive factor for the success of our project was ITONICS’ expertise in trend management. We were not just looking for a software partner, but for someone who is familiar with the topic and who we can trust.

    Head of Innovation Management
    German Dairy Company
  • With ITONICS we managed to bring consistency, transparency and sustainability into our innovation management processes. Moreover ITONICS connects our employees worldwide as a comprehensive information and knowledge base on innovation, thus increasing our innovation potential enormously. In our view, ITONICS is the only provider who can provide a truly integrated innovation process from environmental scanning through innovation roadmapping in a consistent and holistic manner.

    Manager Technology and Innovation Management
    Global Cabling Company
  • Fast and measurable results tailored to our international organization were our basic expectations of an integrated innovation methodology and toolset. The trend-based approach, including a web-based collaboration platform by ITONICS allows us to capture and evaluate trends, inspirations and technologies, to derive fields of action and to ideate and innovate on a global level. Since we started in early 2016, we have already captured over 1,000 inspirations and ideas and have taken the first steps towards the implementation of innovative product and service concepts.

    Head of Innovation Research
    Multinational DIY Retailing Company

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