What has changed in the ITONICS Emerging Technology & Trends from 2021 to 2022?

Our team of analysts engages in continuous environmental scanning, scouting for new drivers of change and monitoring the evolution of our existing emerging technologies and trends.


We use ITONICS Insights to track signals related to each emerging technology and trend and collect evidence that points to new developments, implications for innovation, and possible opportunities or threats.


The result of our continuous monitoring over the past year is an updated collection of 170+ emerging technologies and trends, available in the ITONICS Showroom to you to help kickstart your own environmental scanning and monitoring. 


As a result of our analyst-led monitoring activities and the prevalence and patterns of related signals, we were prompted to update, merge, evolve, archive, or add new emerging technologies and trends. In taking these actions, we considered each entry field and changed them accordingly as necessary. Entry fields considered for changes included title, abstract, description, ratings, image, tags, relations, and segmentation