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The Decade of Action - Innovation & Sustainability 2030

The Decade of Action - Innovation & Sustainability 2030

This trend report uses emerging trends and future scenarios to shed light on the topic of "Innovation & Sustainability" with the intention of providing a clear view of the challenges ahead, identifying unique opportunities, uncovering innovation potential, and deriving strategies. On 100+ pages we unpack:

  • Critical impact areas where deliberate action can make a difference
  • The key drivers shaping the future of sustainability 
  • Future scenarios and  upcoming industry trends and developments
  • Implications for innovation and hands-on recommendations for action
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How to steer innovation activities by KPIs

How to Steer Innovation Activities by KPIs

Organizations need a systematic innovation framework to steer towards the future. We show you how to leverage innovation capabilities and enhance your innovation activities. What you'll walk away with:

  • How to systemize your innovation management with the innovation management framework
  • How to develop your innovation capabilities to create a future competitive advantage
  • How to steer innovation activities by KPIs
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Trend Report - Insurance in the Digital Age

This trend report unpacks B2C insurance in the digital age, exploring contemporary trends and future scenarios to uncover innovation opportunities across all horizons. On +50 pages we unpack:

  • The forces shaping the future of the insurance industry
  • Future scenarios and industry developments
  • Implications for innovation and hands-on recommendations for action
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Roadmapping to go - Application-oriented Guideline and Success Factors

The white paper "Roadmapping to go - Application-oriented Guideline and Success Factors", written by ITONICS and Bayern Innovativ, gives all companies - both corporations and SMEs - a quick and effective opportunity to deal with the topic of roadmapping and to use this method in their own companies.

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A Four-Step Approach for the Successful Implementation of an Integrated Innovation Management

Based on our long-standing cooperation with international innovation leaders, we have developed a consulting approach consisting of four components using frameworks, methods, and training to establish and encourage successful and holistic innovation management.

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Weak Signals, Hypes or Trends - Identify Innovation Opportunities and stay ahead of your Game

This whitepaper provides an overview on the topic of trends – from definition of the term to the latest methods for the individual phases of the trend management process. A review of the existing literature shows that the concepts used for trend management are already established. The picture is more differentiated when looking at the trend...

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Shaping Change - Trend Management in Practice

A study on the relevance and state of the art of trend management in corporations. This study examines the current status of trend management in practice. To this effect, one-on-one interviews with six leading experts were conducted in May and June 2016. Based on these findings a questionnaire was developed...

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6 Steps to Digitize a Business

Digitization is disrupting industries, labor markets, and the global economy. Embracing the digital change and developing innovative cutting-edge business models can be a daring endeavor. Many companies struggle to set a digital strategy, shift organizational structures, and remove the barriers...

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Software-Supported Roadmapping in the Innovation Process

Technology roadmaps enable decision-makers to forecast and plan the development trajectories of (future) technologies. As a visual communication medium, a roadmap shows the development of an entity over time and links the resources required to create that entity and the intended markets...

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End2End Innovation - from Environmental Scanning to the Innovation Roadmap

An organization which does not consider the future does not have a future. Of course the future can only be understood and planned to a certain extent. Targeted innovation management however, helps companies to identify and pick up on trends and technologies and channel them to create targeted innovations...

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