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Innovation Management Software
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End-to-end innovation management solutions to accelerate your entire innovation process

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Driving Innovation from Strategy to Execution

Systematic innovation management with sustainable strategy development combined on
one digital innovation platform

ITONICS is the only provider integrating the end2end innovation management process from environmental scanning to innovation portfolio management and roadmapping into an innovation management software. The modular software combines strategy and innovation on a digital innovation management platform. World market leaders use ITONICS' tools to successfully implement their innovation programs around the globe and disrupt their markets.

The advantage of linking trend management, technology management, idea management and strategic foresight: All innovation management activities are connected to the ITONICS Roadmap that serves as a strategic planning tool for the cross-sectoral product, technology and resource management. Take your innovation management to the next level with the ITONICS Innovation Software Suite!

Innovation Management Software Overview

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The Tools for successful Innovation Management

We provide one holistic approach for IT-supported integrated innovation management - from environmental scanning to innovation portfolio management through to innovation roadmapping

ITONICS Radar Software Illustration


The solution for strategic and operative environmental scanning in complex business environments. Analyze and assess your corporate environment from various perspectives! Discover how you embrace innovation to drive new value for your organization with our Trend and Technology Radars.

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Portfolio Management Software Illustration

ITONICS Portfolio

Close the gap between strategy and execution with ITONICS Portfolio. Analyze and monitor your innovation program and project portfolios with regard to your strategic goals and identify innovation opportunities and gaps.

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Roadmap Software Illustration


Identify inconsistencies and gaps in your technology and product development through numerous analysis possibilities. Observe markets, products, services, technologies and resources in an interactive roadmap.

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Campaigns Software Illustration

ITONICS Campaigns

Integrate all innovation campaigns and ideation activities, such as gamification, stage-gate, campaigns, collaborative ranking and rating, concept co-creation, open innovation etc.

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ITONICS Inspirator

Collect spontaneous ideas, market observations, competition activities and inputs from exhibitions or industry events quickly on the go. The goal of this mobile app is to link inspirations to the trend and ideation process.

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ITONICS Scout Illustration


Identify and analyze trends and technologies in an automated manner. Highly sophisticated algorithms aggregate information from various sources in real-time, such as patent databases, RSS feeds or scientific publications.

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We are your sparring partner and solution provider for successful innovation management

Cloud vs. On-Premise

Choosing between cloud and on-premise is more complicated than it sounds -together we find the right set up for you

What your IT Department might ask

Seamless Integration

ITONICS offers seamless integration into your intranet and provides standard connectors for IBM Connections, JIVE, Microsoft Sharepoint and many other social collaboration tools. In addition, ITONICS software solutions communicate data via RSS/ ATOM/ JSON/ XML by using standard rest-ful APIs.

Browser and Mobile Access

ITONICS software solutions only require a browser to run and access our products. Additionally, we support various mobile devices. By default, the data communication follows a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to enable a distinct separation and to make sure that the front-end can give immediate feedback to the user even when loading data.

Custom Single Sign-On

Our Single Sign-On feature controls the access to multiple, related but independent systems. Common SSO configurations are supported and if you have a custom access control system or want to include cards, tokens or other authentication mechanisms we can do it for you.

What others are saying

Using a collaborative platform, we were able to implement the Innovate Everywhere Challenge as an integral part of our innovation management and engage a world-wide community to team up and innovate together. We achieved a Cisco-wide cultural change and created an interconnected network of innovators.

Alex Goryachev

Director of Innovation Strategy | Cisco

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